In case you had not heard Chemical Direct is now stocking the all new Spin Mop system!

Spinning Mop System

This extremely innovative product is the first of its kind in the contract cleaning market.


The spin function dries the micro fibre mop head so well it leaves your floor dry and ready for traffic. Please click hereto see our demo.

This product has been on trial in some of the large retails where spillages are real problem with great results. The Spin Mop is also brilliant for office cleaning where areas cannot be closed such as reception areas, bathrooms, showrooms, corridors within the healthcare sector etc. Until now it has been a constant struggle to clean these areas whilst they are in use.

Chemical Directs is always looking for new and innovative janitorial products to bring to our clients. In the case of the spin mop we have found a new solution to an old problem.

Clean floors can make an instant impression on your customers and clients when they enter your premises.

However achieving such results is not an easy task.

Floors are often the final task on a cleaning schedule but also one of the most exhaustive, particularly when the cleaner is using an ordinary mop and bucket.

This process can often delay cleaning lead times and leave employees feeling tired.

Chemical Direct recognises that this can be an underlining issue particularly in businesses where time is of the essence and cleaning costs must remain low.

With the all new spinning mop bucket system you can ensure floor cleaning of the highest standards with minimal cost, time and effort.

Advantages of the Spin Mop System in the work place:

  • Powerful Drainer means significantly less effort is required to clean floors
  • Avoids any chances of floor damage that may be
    caused by machine cleaning
  • Utilizes water & solution usage.
  • Cost, effective design with long lasting mop heads.
  • Creates a cleaner, safer environment
  • Powerful Absorption
  • No training required for use.

Spin Mop

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