What are the Energy & Eco Regulations?


On September 1st of last year new EU regulations were introduced limiting motors in vacuum cleaners to 1600W. This is to be further reduced by 2017 to just 900W.

These new regulations come as part of the European Commission’s plan to meet energy and Eco-efficiency targets. Eco-design and Energy-labeling regulations apply to all new mains-powered vacuum cleaners manufactured after September 2014.

In order to comply with regulations all vacuum cleaners must now meet specific performance criteria including but not limited to input power and energy efficiency, noise levels, pick-up performance and filtration.

Why have these regulations been introduced? 

New regulations have been introduced to create a standardized performance metric that all vacuum cleaners must meet. This will allow customers to make informed purchasing decisions whilst promoting energy and efficiency. The labeling system is similar to that found on cookers, washing machines, and fridges, and will allow customers to easily compare information about their selected product’s efficiency and performance levels.

The Eco-design regulations will enforce and A-E energy rating for all newly manufactured vacuum cleaners. Currently, the average vacuum cleaner on the market contains a 1,800W motor, some use as much as 2,200W of power, this new system hopes to move people away from the idea that more power equals better performance – which is not always the case.

How will these regulations affect my vacuum cleaner?

Beyond the new information provided on the energy label there should be nothing different with your vacuum cleaner. It should perform as you would expect.

When purchasing a new Eco-design vacuum be sure to read the user guide which will inform you of any suggested changes that can enhance your machine's performance in certain circumstances.

*For a limited time post-September 2014, you may notice the sale of vacuum cleaners that are not engineered in line with these regulations, these vacuums are compliant with UK legislation and their warranty will still apply.