Orbital Machine Overview

Orbital machines are becoming more commonplace in recent years simply because they help reduce the use of water and chemicals. For many companies becoming more sustainable is now a core focus. Therefore, they are actively seeking equipment and solutions that help them achieve this.

What are the differences between a standard single disc brush base and the orbital one?

A key difference between single disc scrubber dryers and an orbital scrubber is the need for a splash guard. A single disc machine needs a splash guard because the diameter of the brush turns at 150 rpm, creating a lateral splash. Also, the side of the brushes touches the floor with only a little portion of the bristles. This means the cleaning result is lower than that in the center.

However, with an orbital machine there is no splash and the cleaning result is homogenous across the whole of the surface.

Why are orbital floor scrubbing machines so efficient?

It is true that one of the most noteworthy benefits of an orbital machine is that they can significantly improve productivity. This is because orbital machines have a higher pressure on the brush base. Moreover, there is the possibility of having extra weight which increases their effectiveness in removing soil.

Another reason that orbital machines are so effective is because of the high number of oscillations - these machines are much faster than a standard scrubber dryer. Coupled with their rectangular pad, these machines deliver a winning, uniform clean every time – even on the side of the brush base.

Can you tell me more - why would I choose an orbital scrubbing machine?

Firstly, if you are considering an orbital machine, we would recommend the Comac Antea, walk behind or the Comac Innova, ride-on.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of these machines, as they can be used on many different floor types and in many environments: schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, supermarkets, sports centers, etc.

These machines can be distinguished from the rest of the orbital machines because of their compact dimensions, higher rpm, and lightness. They offer less battery consumption, easier transport, and more maneuverability. They use less nominal power which guarantees more autonomy – for you, this means less charge cycles and longer battery life.

Comac orbital machines can be used for maintenance and deep cleaning, thanks to their vibration and rotation of more than 2000 rpm for each orbit of the brush base.

And with the appropriate accessories, they can even be used to polish your floors. These orbital machines are equipped with an anti-vibration system specially designed for this application. They have two settings; standard anti-vibration and double vibration absorption, designed specifically to increase operator comfort.

If you would like to know more about the standard or orbital scrubber dryers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.