As we strive to achieve a cleaner, faster, greener cleaning processes we look to the market place.

Last year was undoubtedly one that changed the way we think about cleaning. From the introduction of the i-Range to the implementation of a cost-effective, chemical-free cleaning solution, named Tersano.

Notably what has become more commonplace – is cleaning product advancements that are driven by customer requirements. In an era of innovation and change the optimization of available technology is having a huge impact on the way we clean.

But just when we thought we had seen it all – a new and exciting concept has emerged that is 4-D cleaning.

This holistic approach divides the cleaning of a room into 4 dimensions:

1-D: Floors

2-D: Walls and ceiling

3-D: Furniture

4-D: Indoor air

Each of these 4 dimensions has an equal influence on the cleanliness of a room. If you clean one of the dimensions, it is inevitable that the dirt from another will contaminate the clean area again.

In a recent APT test carried out by our i-partners it was revealed that a clean floor became dirty again within 2 hours. What is interesting about these findings is that the dirt did not come from people walking on the floor but from the air.

How is it possible that the air could affect the cleanliness of the floor?

Often, we don’t realize that the air is filled with pollution, particularly indoor air.

As the air particles settle on the floor, furniture, and walls, they contaminate the area, again and again. Only when we take a holistic approach to cleaning, using the right tools and techniques can we achieve really clean results.

Let’s explore the 4 dimensions in a little more detail:

1D. Floors

Floors are often the single most time-consuming element of any cleaning regime. As such it is important that once the highest level of clean is achieved that it is maintained.

Suggested 1D Cleaning Tools:

The i-Mop and i-Vac 5B and 9B models have been designed to clean floors faster, easier and with better results than traditional equipment. These machines will make your floors noticeably cleaner and more hygienic - they are also less harmful to the environment.

2D. Walls and Ceiling

Walls and Ceilings are often an unrecognized part of a maintenance regime. Depending on your industry, walls, and ceilings can be exposed to many contaminants such as dirt, dust, and grease. Keeping them clean can be a real challenge, as residues from poor floor cleaning regimes and other air contaminate are likely to rest here.

Suggested 2D Cleaning Tools:

The i-fiber and i-scrub have been carefully created to tackle these labor-intensive cleaning tasks. The i-fiber’s frame bends 360°, perfect for cleaning walls and hard-to-reach places. It is ideal for removing light dirt and dust from walls and ceilings. The i-scrub is the perfect partner, ideal for deep cleans on walls and tiles that require a powerful scrubber.

3D. Surfaces

Surface cleaning is another huge element of any cleaning schedule. Regardless of your work environment, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, airports, and other transport stations all have a vast number of surfaces to be cleaned. Each surface will have its own unique set of properties and therefore multiple cleaning techniques may be required.

Suggested 3D Cleaning Tools:

Similar to cleaning walls and ceilings we suggest the handheld i-fiber and i-scrub for surface cleans. The i-fiber is ideal for light cleaning along flat surfaces such as countertops or mirrors. While the i-scrub is perfect for cleaning curved surfaces with its soft edge technology it moves seamlessly around such surfaces as bathtubs and sinks.

4D. Indoor Air

Indoor air cleaning is a relatively new concept. Indoor air is often overlooked when we think about cleaning. However, it is top of our list to create a healthy work environment. Indoor air pollution includes things like; dust and other particles generated by cooking appliances and other poorly filtered equipment. It can contain things like dust mites, molds, bacteria, and even viruses. Indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside air, affecting allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality, and much more.

Suggested 4D Cleaning Tools:

The i-Air is the perfect partner for tracking the quality of your indoor air. It is a small tracking device that monitors each of the 5 units to maintain a healthy and happy environment for your team and your clients.

The 5 units of measurement used to determine air quality, are as follows: Humidity, C02, Temperature, Chemicals, and Dust. The i-Air carefully monitors each of these elements and notifies you to know the moment your air quality reaches an unhealthy or unsafe level.

Do you need a 4D cleaning solution for your business? Clenli Direct is the exclusive i-partner for Ireland – talk to us today and discover which cleaning solutions best fit your business.