After much anticipation our new showroom is finally ready & open to the public.

The Chemical Direct Team has been hard at work over the past number of weeks making our dreams a reality. Today we are delighted to share with you the result.

Much to our anticipation the new Chemical Direct showroom was finished last week and is now open to the public.


So whether you need to top-up on cleaning solution or whether you are in need of some new machinery and would like to arrange a demonstration; why not pop in and say hello, check out the latest in-store bargains and discuss your specific requirements with a member of our specialist team.

Putting Our Products To The Test.

As part of our new Showroom Chemical Direct decided to put our floor care products to the test. We believe that the results speak for themselves.

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Restoring Your Floors

Restoring your floors is no easy task but with the right products and equipment you can achieve amazing results for a fraction of the cost of replacement flooring.

At Chemical Direct we recently did just that, with the assistance of long-time employee and friend Pat Brothers.

Products Required

Mop and Bucket x 2

Dry Mop Lint  & Dust Free

Slow Speed Rotary Machine -we recommend Contractor 450.

Floor Stripping Pad Black

Floor Stripping Pad Blue

Floor Stripper – we recommend Pioneer Eclipse

Floor Neutraliser – we recommend Pioneer Neutraliser

Floor Polish – we recommend

Pioneer Revolution 2000

Airmover / Room Dryer

Cleaning Equipment and Products Showroom

The Process

– Remove all objects and furniture from floor

-Soak Floor using diluted floor stripper ( use mop and bucket)  leave for 5 – 10 min.

-Lightly buff floors with black stripping pad using slow speed rotary machine.

-Use wet/dry vacuum to remove excess stripper

-Using 2nd mop and bucket re-soak floor in neutraliser leave for 5-10 min

NB – very important to remove water agitation

-Rebuff floors using blue stripping pad on slow speed rotary machine.

– Use wet/ dry vacuum to remove excess neutraliser – we recommend a 2 motor vacuum i.e. Tornado T60

– Use Dry Mop followed by Air mover to ensure floors are completely dry.

– Once dry apply 4-5 even coats of floor finish. Each coat must have time to fully dry before another can be applied.

Enjoy Your Restored Floors!

All Products Available from Chemical Direct – your premium janitorial supplies outlet.

For more information contact us on 01 811 8920.