Numatic VNP 180-11 Vacuum

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PLEASE NOTE: The Numatic VNP180 has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Numatic PRP 180


From the creators of the iconic Henry hoover, the Numatic VNP180 is the commercial equivalent vacuum cleaner that meets all of the professional standards when it comes to quality vacuuming and hoovering. With a large dust capcity, powerful vacuum motor and airflow, and long cleaning range, the Numatic VNP180 is the complete solution for tub vacuums.



8 L

Cleaning Range

26.8 Metres

Air Flow

40 L/sec

Noise Level

70.3 dB

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The Numatic VNP180 is a commercial vacuum cleaner that meets all of the professional standards when it comes to quality vacuuming and hoovering.


The Numatic VNP180 comes with a simple 'caddy style' handle for easy transport, and is lightweight making it simple for drop and vacuum systems.  Comes complete with a main floor tool, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush.


This vacuum cleaner has a 1100W motor and a 40L/sec airflow, as well as an 8L capacity and a 26.8 metre cleaning range.


This vacuum weighs just 5.2kg, making it an easy experience to use.




Numatic VNP180-11 Commercial Hoover Vacuum


Numatic VNP180 Hoover Vacuum Expansive Cleaning Capacity

Expansive Cleaning Capacity

Experience extended cleaning sessions with the Numatic VNP180 vacuum's impressive 8L capacity, allowing you to spend more time on the task at hand and less on emptying the canister. With its generous capacity, you can cover more ground without interruption.

Numatic VNP180 Hoover Vacuum Extended Cleaning Range

Extended Cleaning Range

With a long 26.8-metre cleaning range, the Numatic VNP180 offers flexibility and efficiency. Clean larger areas without the need to frequently move to a new power source, saving you time and effort.


Numatic VNP180 Hoover Vacuum Cleaning Powerhouse

Dynamic Powerhouse

Powered by a robust 1100W motor and delivering a strong airflow of 40L/sec, the Numatic VNP180 ensures outstanding cleaning performance. Whether it's dust, dirt, or debris, this vacuum handles it all with ease for optimal results.

Numatic VNP180 Hoover Vacuum Caddy Style Handle

Caddy-Style Handle & Bright Power Cable

The caddy-style handle allows for easy transport from room to room, while its compact dimensions ensure hassle-free storage. Enhanced with a bright yellow color, the power cable ensures better visibility, reducing the risk of tripping and is neatly stored around the handle for convenience.


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Specification Measurement
Motor 1100W
Airflow 40L/sec
Suction 2400mm w.g.
Capacity 8L
Weight 5.2kg
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Sound Level 70.3dB
Dimensions (mm) 340 x 340 x 350
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