Comac Vega 75 BT

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The Comac Vega 75 BT is a walk-behind scrubber-dryer that is compact, easy to handle and versatile. The Comac Vega 75 BT is a scrubber-dryer suitable for any situation: from cleaning floors in the industrial or logistics sectors to healthcare facilities or large-scale retailing. The Comac Vega 75 BT comes with two disc brushes, and a working width of 650/750/850mm.


Cleaning Width

765 mm

Max. Performance

3289 m²/h

Tank Capacity

75 / 115 L

Battery Life

3 Hours

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Vega 75 bt

Response within an hour

The Comac Vega 75 BT's technical characteristics and functions make it a professional floor scrubber suitable for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of large floors, up to 4500 sq.m. features include rapid water filling, solution level indicator, emergency stop button and ECO mode.

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Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Easy Maintenance Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Made from Aluminium Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Intuitive Driving Controls
Easy Maintenance Made from Aluminium Intuitive Driving Controls
Components are easily accessable & mainenance parts are highlighted in yellow Brush head, squeegee and frame are made of aluminum, making the machine robust, lightweight, comfortable and reliable over time Intuitive driving and simple controls for both Essential and Bright configurations
Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Eco Mode Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Stop & Go System Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Constant Solution Flow
Eco Mode Stop & Go System Constant Solution Flow
Reduce noise level and energy consumption and increase the floor scrubber's autonomy with the press of a button Optimises consumption by automatically halting the machine when it is idle This ensures that the delivery of the solution is uniform across the working width, thus improving cleaning efficiency
Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Comac Dosing System Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Pressure Monitoring System Clenli Direct - Comac Vega - Solution Smart Control
Comac Dosing System Pressure Monitoring System Solution Smart Control
Allows water and detergent to be measured out separately, thus optimising use Monitors the pressure of the brushes to ensure maximum efficiency when cleaning Adjusts the flow of the solution according to the working speed


  • Theoretical productivity (up to sqm/h)
  • Scrubbing width (mm)
  • Brushes, quantity and type
    2 - Disc
  • Brush Ø (mm) 
  • Pressure on the brush (min - max) (kg)
  • Solution tank (l)
  • Recovery tank (l)
  • Supply/traction (V)
  • Autonomy up to (h)
  • Machine dimensions (l x w x h) (mm)
  • Squeegee width (mm)
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) (kg)
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 - dB (A))
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