Cimex-Encap can be used for deep cleaning to restore brightness on heavily soiled carpets. It is a low moisture cleaning machine, meaning carpets dry more quickly while eliminating wicking problems – to prevent the re-occurrence of stains on the surface as the carpet dries.

It Cleans up to 300 m² per hour with a specialized cleaning solution applied using Cimex three-brush scrubbing machine. This system features polymer chemistry that encapsulates dirt, ensuring cleaner carpets for longer.

This photo was taken at a school in Meath: where a key concern for the principle is carpet cleaning.


Due to the heavy traffic that passes through their corridors each day, carpets can become quickly soiled.

Chemical Direct recommended and demonstrated the efficiencies that can be achieved with the Cimex-Encap carpet cleaning machine & solution – it proved to be a great success in lifting heavy debris and stains.

Cimex-Encap is suitable for all carpet types: offices, showrooms, gyms, schools, etc. Cimex-Encap offers highly productive, cost-effective carpet cleaning.

Best Results: floors should be given thorough vacuuming before using the Cimex-Encap ensures all dry soil is removed. Removing the dry soil enables the Cimex-Encap process to more effectively attack the sticky/oily soil left in the carpet.

We Recommend: using Cimex-Encap Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner.  This cleaning solution is designed to attack all soils commonly found in carpets. Its unique formulation emulsifies the soil and then, using the latest chemistry, encapsulates the soil for easy removal. Low moisture technique means fast drying times – carpets are normally dry to the touch in 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Cimex-Encap carpet cleaning machine, solution, and spotters are now available for pre-ordering at Chemical Direct cleaning equipment and janitorial supplies.