Essential Janitorial Supplies

The right janitorial basics can help in maintaining the cleaning process more efficient and we can have the best results from it. You might wonder what the professionals use to clean. Here we provide a list of some of the most essential janitorial supplies for cleaning.

Carpet floors, upholstery and dust pick up at home can be easily taken care of with a vacuum cleaner. This is an essential janitorial supply you need to invest at home. Light weight vacuum backed by high suction power are ideal for home.

You need disinfectants to maintain high hygiene standards. Even for some critical spaces, the hospital grade disinfectant works best.

Window washer is the basic janitorial supply used in business or home, and can really make a difference. Grease, grime and dirt can easily be removed using window washers to impart a sparkling shine to the surface. A window squeegee is an essential janitorial supply and swiping with it can make the window look crystal clear.

Sometimes you might need air freshener to make the room fresh and rejuvenate yourself. These kinds of janitorial supplies are essential in home or business to keep the room constantly smelling good. The hand held cans are the most popular choice for air freshener.

Commercial applications might require heavy duty cleaning and chemical solutions are ideal for the purpose. The different variety of such janitorial supply makes it convenient to remove the most stubborn dirt from the surfaces. Ammonia solutions and bleach can work wonders on the surface. Even some specialist formulas are also used.

Protective gloves or disposable gloves are vital when you plan to use janitorial supplies regularly. Go for the close fitting gloves that will be able to protect your skin from hot water and toxic chemicals.

Dusting spray ensures great shine on most surfaces and is an essential janitorial supply. The sprays can be used on surfaces like stone or wood that requires careful maintenance. Stubborn and greasy dirt can easily be removed using a dusting spray.

The micro fibre cloth make it convenient to be used on variety of surfaces like floorboards, tile and glass mirrors. This is a multi-purpose janitorial supply essential for home and offices.

Gloves, sponges, and bin liners are absolutely essential when it comes to cleaning business. These janitorial supplies help get the job done properly.

Cleaning is best done when you have the convenience of the janitorial supplies. Visit Chemical Direct to grab the right janitorial supplies for business.