The Future of Indoor Window Cleaning is Here

As health and safety becomes more evident in the workplace, the role of a window cleaner has become far more complicated and time-consuming.

Employers are now more aware of the risks associated with the cleaning of high windows and the use of ladders. This has become of particular concern when cleaning high windows indoors, where a large volume of traffic passes.

These are but a few of the reasons why professional window cleaners and janitors alike are choosing a polling system for indoor window cleaning. These poles are a complete window cleaning solution with a hand operated water feed.

Window cleaning poles make cleaning windows easier and safer.

There is no risk of you or an employee falling from your ladder or trips and slips due to the spilled cleaning solution. Moreover there difficult-to-reach places and frames will no longer be an issue with poles extending up to 3 meters in height.

window cleaning pole with feed

What is an “extend and clean” system?

The extend and clean system refers to the lightweight telescopic poling system that allows you to thoroughly clean windows via a hand operated water feed with your two feet firmly on the ground. Previously impossible to clean windows and skylights can be easily washed with this tool and requires very little effort.

What are the advantages of the “extend and clean” system?

  • There is no requirement for washing up liquid or other chemicals often used to wash windows, thus saving you the cost of cleaning solutions.
  • With the clean and extend system your windows will stay cleaner for longer – this is because there is no solution required and therefore no possibility of residue gathering at the end of windows or at the window sills, and it is better for the environment.
  • Previously impossible to reach windows and skylights can now be accessed at ease and with no risk to the cleaners/ passers-by.
  • No damage to window sills or soft ground i.e. grass from ladders

Please note this is not a jet washing system it is the water not pressure that cleans the windows.