The end of a year is always a busy time with multiple deadlines and engagements.

However at year end it is important to take a time- out to review the latest trends, events, innovations that have shaped and will continue to shape the industry.


It is no surprise that in 2015 many of the cleaning industry’s trends and innovations were centered on creating more environmentally friendly products and equipment. Although green cleaning is not a recent phenomenon in 2015 has been a year of rejuvenating interest in eco-friendly janitorial products and in particular cleaning machines.

This may be due to the latest efficiency ratings introduced which awards favorable equipment that is green.

This has seen a reduction in the use of harsh chemicals and excess water consumption whilst protecting the environment for the future.

Technology: paves the way for the future.

An increased focus on the environment has put a spotlight on the impact of older generation cleaning machines. This has prompted a whole new trend of technological advances. This key trend has sparked a range of brands to introduce technological advances that reduce intensive labor whilst reducing energy usage, chemical, and water consumption and creating sustainable cleaning solutions.

The development of increasingly advanced technology has truly produced product-efficiency, water-saving, and waste-reduction solutions.  One example of a brand that has notably played host to technological advances and opening up new avenues is Comac, having introduced the “dosing system”. Furthermore this is evident with their plans to introduce a “non-stop cleaning” system. These advances will ensure that cleaning machines are more user-friendly and less demanding when it comes to physical labor.

What can we look forward to in 2016?

An increasingly ‘technological’ future is in store for the cleaning industry, particularly within the floor cleaning segment.

As 2016 progresses you can be sure that the term “clean” will be a concept that is associated with technological advances, big data crunching efficiency monitoring with undoubtedly many more exciting innovations and cleaning solutions within the area of janitorial products and equipment.