Truvox Hydromist 35

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The Truvox Hydromist 35 is a powerful all-in-one carpet cleaner designed for large areas. Featuring a 35-liter tank, a 45cm cleaning path, and a floating brush head, it delivers deep cleaning with high vacuum power and even solution application. Ideal for high-traffic environments like schools, hospitals, and retail spaces.


Cleaning Width

450 mm

Vacuum Motors

1 Motor

Tank Capacity

35 / 35 L


42.5 m/sec

In stock

Response within an hour

The Truvox Hydromist 35 is a robust and efficient carpet cleaner designed to tackle large, high-traffic areas with ease. Equipped with a 35-liter solution and recovery tank, this machine minimizes the need for frequent refills, allowing for extended cleaning sessions. The 45cm cleaning path and powerful 1350W vacuum motor ensure a thorough and efficient clean, while the floating brush head maintains constant contact with the carpet, agitating the fibers to lift dirt and revive the pile.


This machine delivers cleaning solutions at 100 psi through two jets, ensuring an even application for optimal results. Its separate vacuum, brush, and pump switches offer greater control and flexibility during operation. The Hydromist 35 is perfect for environments such as schools, hospitals, retail spaces, and leisure facilities, where maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is essential.


Optional accessories, including a hose, wand, and upholstery tool, expand its versatility, making it suitable for detailed cleaning tasks. With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Hydromist 35 provides an excellent solution for professional cleaning needs.


This self-contained pull back carpet extractor features a 35 litre capacity for high productivity, and a floating brush head to maximise agitation of carpet fibres for a thorough, powerful clean. The easy to fill solution tank and separate switches result in the machine not only being powerful, but also simple to use.



With a 45 cm cleaning path and a 35 litre capacity, this carpet extractor is ideal for medium to large carpeted areas in hotels, offices and healthcare environments.

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-Ideal for large area carpet cleaning in hotels, offices and health care environments

-35 litre capacity and 45 cm cleaning path is ideal for large areas

-Solution is delivered at 100 psi through two jets for even application

-Floating brush head maintains contact with carpet for improved agitation

-Separate vacuum, brush and pump switches for ease of use

-Powerful carpet extractor

Specification Measurement
Voltage 230 V
Vacuum Motor 1350 W
Pump Power 180 W
Pump Pressure 6.9 bar / 100 PSI
Brush Width 450 mm
Brush Speed 1800 RPM
Airflow 42.5 m/sec
Solution Flow Rate 6.8 L/min
Water Lift 30 kPa
Sound Level 78 dB
Solution Tank 35 L
Recovery Tank 35 L
Cable Length 15 Metre
Weight 47 kg
Dimensions (mm) 930 x 470 x 880
Manufacturer Truvox
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