Truvox Hydromist Compact

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The Truvox Hydromist Compact is an all-in-one carpet and upholstery cleaner designed for efficiency and convenience. With a 14-liter solution tank, powerful rotating brush, and compact design, it ensures deep cleaning and quick drying for small to medium carpeted areas. Ideal for high-traffic environments like schools, hospitals, and retail spaces.


Cleaning Width

245 mm

Vacuum Motors

1 Motor

Tank Capacity

14 / 11.5 L


56 m/sec

In stock

Response within an hour

The Truvox Hydromist Compact is a versatile and efficient all-in-one carpet and upholstery cleaner designed to meet the demands of professional cleaning. This compact machine features a 14-liter solution tank, providing high productivity with fewer interruptions for refilling. Its powerful 1200W vacuum motor and rotating brush ensure deep, thorough cleaning, effectively removing dirt and stains while reviving carpets.


The Hydromist Compact is designed for ease of use, with simple switches and a removable recovery tank for hassle-free emptying. Its handle folds down for easy storage and transportation, making it an excellent choice for cleaning professionals who need to move between locations frequently. The 24cm cleaning width is ideal for small to medium carpeted areas, ensuring efficient coverage and quick drying times.


This machine is perfect for high-traffic environments such as schools, hospitals, retail spaces, and leisure facilities, where maintaining cleanliness is crucial. The optional upholstery kit enhances its versatility, allowing for detailed cleaning of furniture and car interiors. With robust construction and reliable performance, the Hydromist Compact offers an excellent solution for various cleaning challenges.


Being both compact and easy to manoeuvre, the Hydromist Compact is ideal for small to medium carpeted areas in healthcare environments, schools and offices.

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-Easy to use all-in-one machine

-Carpet spray extractor

-Upholstery spray extractor

-25 cm  cleaning width

-Powerful in-built rotary brush lifts dirt from deep within the carpet

-Powerful vacuum, pump and brush motors give maximum productivity

-High capacity 14 litre solution tank for maximum cleaning and minimum refilling

-Transparent recovery tank lid, you can see the dirt!

-Quick fit spray jet for easy cleaning and maintenance

-Robust construction, built for minimum maintenance

-Easy to manoeuvre

-Large non-marking, stair climbing wheels

-Easy fit accessories for upholstery and stair cleaning

-Convenient pictogram instructions on machine for ease of use

Specification Measurement
Voltage 320 V
Vacuum Motor 1200 W
Pump Power 26 W
Pump Pressure 1.5 bar / 21.76 PSI
Brush Width 245 mm
Brush Speed 800 - 1000 RPM
Airflow 56 m/sec
Solution Flow Rate 0.8 L/min
Vacuum / Water Lift 22 kPa
Sound Level 73 dB
Solution Tank 14 L
Recovery Tank 11.5 L
Cable Length 12 Metre
Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions (mm) 540 x 360 x 870
Manufacturer Truvox
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