Santoemma Sharon Brush

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Sharon-Brush is a self-contained machine with rotating brush, designed for professional cleaning of small areas of carpet and hard floor.

Response within an hour

Santoemma Sharon Brush

Response within an hour


A self-contained machine with rotating brush, designed for professional cleaning of small areas of carpet and hard floor. A special device allows to switch between carpet to hard floor cleaning by simply turning a knob. The rotating brush, with automatic pressure adjustment, is able to deep clean both very dirty carpet and hard floor. Its small width (only 29 cm) allows the machine to be used also in very narrow rooms. The water-flow can be adjusted for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning.

It is possible to connect a hand tool to the machine, for cleaning armchairs and hard-to-reach spots. Sharon-Brush is indicated also for the hiring to private users thanks to its strength and its ease of use. Its professional features make Sharon-Brush suitable also for cleaning companies.

Main application Areas: cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, banks, shops, rental companies, private houses, carpet shops, trains, busses, planes, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centres, schools, universities.



-High-waterlift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and shortest drying time: carpet can be dry in 1 hour!

-It is possible to clean both carpet and hard floor with a single machine. The commutation from carpet to hard floor cleaning and vice versa is done easily, simply turning the lever on the vacuum head.

-Reduced width (only 29 cm) for professional cleaning even of small surfaces of carpet and hard floor.

-Powerful and reliable brush motor which allows a deeper and faster cleaning.

-Possibility to push the machine forward on hard floor without lifting the vacuum head thanks to proper support wheels.

-The machine is light and easy to carry.

-Vacuum head in die-cast aluminium, practically indestructible.

-Special profile of the vacuum head, which allows a shorter drying time.

-Plastic and rubber handles, which avoid the cooling of the worker's hands.

-The height of the handle is adjustable so that it can be regulated according to the stature of the worker.

-Water spraying can be operated simply turning the handle of the machine.

-Tubes in stainless steel, strong and rustproof for the whole machine life.

-Quick disconnect spray nozzles, which can be replaced by hand: the nozzles can be cleaned easily and without using any tool.

-Automatic adjustment system of the rotating brush pressure according to the kind of carpet.

-Brush easily replaceable with no need of turning the machine over.

-The hand tool NS10PN-M, supplied as standard, allows to clean hard-to-reach corners.


Approximate performance *: 50-120 m²/h
Recovery tank capacity: 14 litres
Solution tank capacity:
14 litres


Vacuum motor:


Maximum waterlift:

Maximum air-flow:


2 stages - High waterlift
1500 W
3000 mm H2O
45 l/sec.

Pump with by-pass: 


Maximum pressure:

Maximum water-flow:
70 W
4 bar
1,5 l/min
Cleaning width (carpet/hard floor): 270/290 mm
Number of nozzles: 3
Brush: 90 W
600 rot/min
232 mm
Cable lenght: 10 m
Hose lenght: 2,5 m
Weight (machine body): 24 kg
Weight (packaged machine): 27 Kg
Dimensions: 29 x 78 x 90 cm
Package dimensions: 36 x 60 x 80 cm
Units/pallet: 8 pcs/ pallet
Standard color: Blue
Tank construction: High density polyethylene
Sound pressure level - ISO3744  (1m):  75 dB(A)



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