Reconditioned Comac C130

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The C130 is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large spaces in environments such as airports, railway stations, car parks, logistic centres , warehouses as well as industrial facilities and shopping centres. The machine has a functional design of structure built with sturdy materials enabling the C130 to ensure reliability over time. The C130 is equipped with a brush head made up of 4 disc brushes the pressure can be altered depending on the users needs and has a max of up to 180kg ! The C130 also has a small cylindrical self adjusting brush that collects small solid debris and stores it in a debris hopper. The C130 ensures a higher quality of cleaning with its combined scrubbing and sweeping systems. This particular machine has been fully reconditioned it has been fitted with a complete new body , new vacuum motor , brand new brushes and the brush motor and gearboxes have been reconditioned. This C130 has also been fitted with a brand new batteries pack and charger which allows this machine to have up to 6 hours operation time!
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