Prochem Stain Pro 5 Litres

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Heavy duty water and solvent based alkaline protein spotter.

Barcode: 5060026720103

Prochem Stain Pro 5 Litres



Product Description & Directions for Use:

  Prochem Stain Pro is an alkaline spotter solvent and water based for neutralising acidic or oily stains such as most food, blood, vomit, water-based inks, fresh tea and coffee, milk, cream and wine on carpet and fabric. It is a ready to use product for removing tough stains from upholstery with a mint scent. Perfect for high areas of traffic where stains need to be removed. For professional and industrial use only.


How to Use Prochem Stain Pro 

  1. Stain Pro is a ready-to-use product.
  2. Scrape or blot up all excess soiling. 
  3. Always pre-test an area of carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change before proceeding. 
  4. Apply Stain Pro solution directly to stain with sprayer and blot with white towel or tissue 
  5. Repeat previous steps until there is no further noticeable improvement
  6. Do not rub the area. 
  7. On all fabrics and wool, for best results rinse treated area with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse.


Quick Specs

  • Protein stain remover for blood, food, drink, milk, tea and coffee
  • Water and solvent based alkaline spotter for carpets and fabrics. 
  • Neutralises acidic or oily stains.
  • Mint scented & clear liquid.


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