Mini Jumbo 2 Ply Paper Toilet Roll [12 x 150M]

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Mini Jumbo Paper Toilet Roll. 12 Rolls x 150 Metres. 60mm (2.25") core. Made with 100% pure cellulose so it will break down easily when flushed. 2 ply. Laminated for extra capacity. Perforated for easy use. Embossed. Fully sealed for increased hygiene. Perfect for a range of industries including schools, pubs, restaurants, hotels, households, offices, and much more.

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Mini Jumbo Paper Toilet Roll [12 x 150M]


2 PLY high quality

60mm (2.25”) Core

150 Metres

12 Rolls per Pack

100 mm Sheet Size

100% Pure Cellulose so it will break down easily when flushed

Very cost effective

High absorption capacity with improved durability

Embossed - providing a softer but stronger sheet

Laminated for extra capacity

Perforated for ease of use

Fully sealed for increased hygiene



What to Know about Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper

Mini Jumbo Rolls, comprised of absorbent paper, are typically offered in 1, 2, or 3 ply to cater to diverse requirements and settings. When utilized in dispensers, these paper rolls prove to be both economical and cost-efficient by minimizing the quantity of sheets consumed.


What is Ply?

In the context of toilet paper, ply refers to the number of layers or sheets of paper that make up a single piece of toilet tissue.



Offers a basic option with lower cost but may lack the softness and strength of higher ply options.



Strikes a balance between strength and softness, providing a comfortable and reliable choice for many users.



Known for its superior softness and durability, offering a luxurious experience at a potentially higher cost.



Attributes of Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll


Strength and Control

Each sheet within the rolls is spiral-perforated and consists of two plies, ensuring minimal wastage during use and enhancing absorbency. The rolls feature a thick wrap that safeguards and preserves their integrity and hygiene.


Ease of Use

The core cardboard center facilitates easy removal, and allows for recycling of the core.


Cellulose Construction

Being made of 100% cellulose allows the Mini Jumbo to easily disintegrate in water, significantly reducing risk of blockages in toilets.



Selecting the Ideal Mini Jumbo Paper Roll


Your specific requirements should guide your choice of toilet paper. Consider the following factors:


Strength and Durability

Higher ply toilet paper tends to be stronger and more durable. This can be beneficial in preventing tearing or breaking during use, providing a more effective and reliable cleaning experience.



While strength is important, many people also prefer toilet paper that is soft and gentle on the skin. Higher ply toilet paper often provides a balance between strength and softness, offering a more comfortable experience.



Toilet paper with multiple plies may be more absorbent, which can contribute to a more effective cleaning process.


Client Needs & Preference

Some people have personal preferences when it comes to toilet paper thickness. The choice between 1-ply, 2-ply, or 3-ply often depends on individual preferences for texture, thickness, and overall feel.


Plumbing Capacities

When in an environment with low water pressure, or poor plumbing, having a paper that is made from cellulose will help to reduce the chance of blockages. Cellulose breaks down easily in water, making it a great solution for these environments.


Budget Requirements

While 3 ply paper may be the preferred toilet paper, it tends to come at a premium price. 2 ply paper strikes a balance between cost effective, and comfortable, making it the preferred choice of most facilities.

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Specification Measurement
Color White
Ply 2 Ply
Roll Length 150 Metres
Rolls per Pack 12 Rolls
Sheet Size 100 mm
Made From 100% Cellulose
Core 60mm / 2.25"
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