Blue Centrefeed Paper Roll Food Grade [6 x 150M]

Blue Centrefeed Paper Rolls. 6 Rolls x 150 Metres. Food Grade Certified. 2 Ply. Laminated for extra capacity. High absorption capacity. Perforated for ease of use. Embossed for additional drying quality. Fully sealed for increased hygiene. Perfect for a range of industries including schools, pubs, restaurants, hotels, households, offices, and much more.

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Blue Centrefeed Paper Rolls 6 x 150 Metres


2 PLY high quality blue centrefeed rolls

Suitable for kitchen & the cleaning industry

Very absorbent and very cost effective

Compatible with all centrefeed dispensers

Food Grade Certified

Premium Centrefeed

Approved for use in food preparation areas

High absorption capacity with improved durability

Laminated Embossed - providing a softer but stronger sheet

Perforated for ease of use

Fully sealed for increased hygiene



What to Know about Blue Centrefeed Paper Rolls


Blue centrefeed rolls, comprised of absorbent paper, are typically offered in 1, 2, or 3 ply to cater to diverse requirements and settings. These versatile rolls can serve as kitchen rolls or be conveniently dispensed. When utilized in machinery, these paper rolls prove to be both economical and cost-efficient by minimizing the quantity of sheets consumed. Their applicability extends to virtually all environments.



What is Ply?

Ply refers to the thickness of a roll or sheet, serving as a characteristic descriptor.


One-Ply Rolls

Appropriate for general wiping tasks, light spill mopping, and personal wiping.


Two-Ply Rolls

Suitable for wiping, drying, and cleaning in kitchens, garages, factories, and areas requiring thick and absorbent rolls.


Three-Ply Rolls

Ideal for busy washrooms, healthcare, and catering environments for hand drying and spill absorption. The additional ply enhances the roll's strength and absorbency compared to two-ply options.



Attributes of Blue Center-feed Papers


Strength and Control

Each sheet within the rolls is spiral-perforated and consists of two plies, ensuring minimal wastage during use and enhancing absorbency. The rolls feature a thick wrap that safeguards and preserves their integrity and hygiene.


Ease of Use

The spiral perforation of the core cardboard center facilitates easy removal. Sheets can be taken from both the outside and inside by extracting the center core.



The non-abrasive nature of the materials used in manufacturing these rolls allows for versatile applications, including hand drying, cleaning and drying utensils, appliances, surfaces, and absorbing spills.




Drying hands in washrooms and kitchens.

Cleaning and drying appliances, surfaces, utensils, tools, and machinery.

Absorbing spills





Blue center-feed rolls excel in situations requiring ample tissue for tasks such as hand drying or spill absorption in high-traffic areas like kitchens and washrooms. These rolls present hygienic solutions that effectively deter cross-contamination and the spread of germs.


Designed for swift access and minimal mess, these multipurpose rolls enhance sheet utilization. The convenience extends beyond specific environments, as the paper core can be easily unrolled, allowing for compact packing in handbags or backpacks. This portability makes them suitable for use in offices, schools, or eateries.



Selecting the Ideal Blue Centrefeed Papers


Your specific requirements should guide your choice of paper rolls. Consider the following factors:


Customer Needs

For hospitality service providers, longer sheets may be essential to meet varied client needs. In scenarios where a customer might run out of tissue, longer sheets are better suited to address such situations than shorter rolls.


Environment of Use

In areas prone to heavy spills, opting for heavy-duty rolls is advisable. These rolls boast high absorbency rates, leak resistance, and tear resistance. In healthcare settings, disposable papers offer greater efficiency compared to regular rolls.

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Specification Measurement
Color Blue
Ply 2-Ply
Roll Length 150 Metres
Rolls Per Pack 6 Rolls
Sheet Size 200 mm
Food Grade Certified Yes
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