Clean, buff and polish a variety of floor surfaces within your company with the help of Clenli Direct’s range of buffing machine for sale. These versatile and effective machines are perfect for cleaning every surface; from hardwood to marble floors they get the job done. Choose buffing machine for tile floors at the most affordable cost.

No matter what industry you’re in, floor buffing machine hire can help maintain hygiene standards in a time efficient and cost effective way. We understand that commercial cleaning can often be a time consuming and costly endeavour which is why our floor cleaning buffing machine is so invaluable.

Rotaries (Buffers)

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  1. i-scrub 21B

    Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position. Equipp...
  2. Motor Scrubber Starter Kit

    The MotorScrubber has been designed to clean all those difficult to reach areas where l...

  3. i-scrub 30EM Pro B (Cord or cordless)

    Single-disc scrubbing has never been easier. Advanced orbital technology is based on 1650 ...
  4. Truvox Orbis 400 45cm High Speed

    The Orbis 400 single disc rotary buffer offers exceptional handling and cost effective sol...
  5. Truvox Orbis 200


    The Orbis 200 range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effecti...

  6. Comac CM43 F Standard Speed Buffer

    The CM43 F is a professional single disc machine, electrically powered and with gear drive...
  7. Motor Scrubber JET Kit

    The MotorScrubber Jet with integrated chemical injection gives you an incredible deep c...

  8. Truvox Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher

    Truvox Battery powered, ultra high speed rotary cordless burnisher designed for daytime cl...
  9. Motor Scrubber ProWash Kit

    MotorScrubber ProWash is the only high level portable scrubbing and rinsing machine on the...
  10. Cimex CR48

    The ideal machine to use when it comes to tackling large commercial carpet cleaning jobs a...
  11. CM50 HS

    The CM50 HS is a high speed, walk-behind single disc machine with battery operation and di...
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