Road Sweepers

The sweepers in this category are designed for larger areas of flooring. Typically used in large factories, car parks and warehousing. Models within this range can be either battery driven for confined spaces or engine powered for outside use. All models can drive up ramps and have excellent visibility.

The powerful modern road sweeper for sale is capable of cleaning the dirtiest roads driveways and car parks and is operated by highly skilled drivers. Choose the right model from our wide collection and go on a cleaning spree. The fast and efficient road sweeper machines clean roads in the shortest time.

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  1. Dulevo 100 Series

  2. Dulevo 850 Mini

  3. Egholm Park Ranger 2150

  4. Egholm City Ranger 2260

  5. Dulevo D.zero²

  6. Egholm City Ranger 3070

  7. Dulevo 3000

  8. Dulevo 3000 Combi

  9. Dulevo 6000

  10. Dulevo 6000 Combi

  11. Comac CS140 T

  12. Comac HP6000

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