Dulevo D.zero²

100% of 100

The Dulevo D.zero² 100% electric street sweeper has been created to comply with four fundamental characteristics that constitute its design philosophy and that make it a unique product within the sector. The Dulevo D.Zero² reduces your carbon emissions without compromising on performance. With powerful brushes, long run times and a wide working width, save money while helping the environment with the Dulevo D.Zero².


Sweeping Width

Up to 3200 mm

Max. Performance

42000 m²/h

Waste Capacity

2000 L

Power Source


In stock

Response within an hour

The D.zero² suction sweeper was designed by following the most modern concepts of ergonomics, usability and performance. It is distinguished by its versatility: it has a variable cleaning track and patented suction outlet, thus it adapts itself perfectly to tight spaces while also still covering large surface areas.


Quiet Cleaning

10% Reduction in Noise Pollution with the Dulevo D.zero²
Thanks to it's battery powered motor, the Dulevo D.zero² produces noise emissions that are 10% lower compared to traditional diesel machines
The Dulevo D.zero² is Small in Size for Expert Cleaning in Tight Spaces

Compact Size

The Dulevo D.zero² has small dimensions to make it the perfect machine for tight spaces. Paired with it's large run time and huge waste tank, the Dulevo D.zero² is an all round cleaning machine. 

Saving the Environment

The World's Only Zero Emissions Road Sweeper - the Dulevo D.zero²
The Dulevo D.zero² is the first zero emissions road sweeping machine. Thanks to its battery power, you can say goodbye to emissions producing fuels and say hello to the future of cleaning.
Reduce your Running Costs by 80% with the Dulevo D.zero²

Saving Money

Thanks to its battery power, fuel, the most expensive running cost of a road sweeper, is no longer needed. 


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Dulevo D.zero² comes with compact dimensions Dulevo D.zero² is the first road sweeper with zero emissions The Dulevo D.zero² is 10% quieter than other road sweepers thanks to its battery power
Compact Dimensions Zero Emissions 10% Lower Noise Level
No need for fuel makes the Dulevo D.zero² 80% cheaper to run The Dulevo D.zero² has a large waste tank for less stoppages The Dulevo D.zero² is flexible to move around and between obstacles
80% Lower Running Costs Large Waste Tank High Mobility
Specifications Measurement
Sweeping Width 1,750-3,200mm
Waste Container 2,100L
Maximum Height 1,450mm
Performance 25,200 m²/h
Battery Life 8 Hours
Maximum Speed 25km/h
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