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Winner of the Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Award in 2020, the LeoVac is a powerful robotic vacuum that is part of the LeoBot family. With up to 10 hours running time, 2 hours charging, a powerful motorless vacuum, combined with a sleek, modern deisgn and interactive capabilities, the LeoVac is bringing the future of cleaning to today.

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The LeoVac is part of a family of fully-autonomous robots from LionsBot dedicated to handling specialised cleaning functions like vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and pulling. With a powerful sensor network, long running times, quick charging times, and high speeds, these robotic cleaners will automate large sections of your day-to-day cleaning with ease.


Motorless Vacuum

Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Motorless Vacuum
Quietness? Check. Vacuum motor? Forget about it! The LeoVac's revolutionary system allows two high speed brushes to toss up dust and dirt, allowing for significantly quieter, more efficient vacuuming with better results — and improved air quality anywhere the LeoVac goes.

Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Longer battery life, unique, patent-pending cleaning mechanisms, and better dryness. The LeoVac delivers industry-leading cleaning performance.



Nimble & Flexible

Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Nimble & Flexible

The LeoVac’s sleek and compact design don't just look good - it allows for greater mobility and a tighter turning radius for better cleaning in tight corners, and movement through smaller spaces.


Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Always Presentable

Always Presentable

The LeoVac  will brighten up any space! With beautiful design and a friendly personality, the LeoVac is always presentable, allowing for non-intrusive cleaning people will love to see.

Powerful Sensors

Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Powerful Sensors
Powered by a comprehensive network of lidars, depth cameras and 5 sonars, the LeoVac is able to traverse high traffic areas with active obstacle tracking and adapt to changing environments. Perfect for both day and night cleaning.
Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Sustainable & Efficient

Sustainable & Efficient

Smart energy management makes for sustainable robots like no other. Just 2 hours of charge time enables up to 10 hours of continuous cleaning. The LeoVac is also more durable, and easily recyclable.


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Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Large Battery Life Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Quick Charging Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Quiet Machine
Up to 10 Hours Battery Life Quick 2 Hour Charging Quiet Working at 55dBA
Clenli Direct - LeoVac - HEPA Filter Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Fast Moving Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Large Capacity
HEPA Filtered Vacuum Fast 1m/s Speed Large 23L Capacity
Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Modern Design Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Fully Automated Clenli Direct - LeoVac - Sharp Turning Radius
Sleek, Modern Design Fully Automated Sharp 1.2m Turning Radius


Specification Measurement
Dimensions (L x W x H) 830mm x 630mm x 1,160mm
Weight During Transport 115kg
Weight While Cleaning 115kg
Maximum Slope
Working Width 450mm
Maximum Speed 1m/s
Recovery Tank 2.3L (Debris Tray) / 23L (Vacuum Tank)
Turning Radius 1.2m
Battery 24V LiFePO4
Runtime Up to 10 hours
Charge Time 2 hours
Sound Level 55dBA
Cleaning Mechanism Microfibre Cloth Filter Bag, HEPA Filter, Debris Tray, and Vacuum Tank
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