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Winner of the Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Award in 2020, the LeoScrub is a powerful robotic scrubber dryer that is part of the LeoBot family. With up to 5 hours running time, 2 hours charging, powerful brush pressure, combined with a sleek, modern deisgn and interactive capabilities, the LeoScrub is bringing the future of cleaning to today.

Response within an hour


Response within an hour


The LeoScrub is part of a family of fully-autonomous robots from LionsBot dedicated to handling specialised cleaning functions like vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and pulling. With a powerful sensor network, long running times, quick charging times, and high speeds, these robotic cleaners will automate large sections of your day-to-day cleaning with ease.


Better Scrubbing System

Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Amazing Scrubbing System
Crafting the perfect scrubbing system that delivers enhanced efficiency and incredible dryness came down to re-engineering every part of the LeoScrub's system. With an impressive 50kg of cleaning pressure, a redesigned multi-bristle brush with a lifespan of at least 6 months, and an improved design that collects stray liquids, the LeoScrub offers a better, drier clean. Amazingly, the LeoScrub offers all of this without the use of harsh chemicals.

Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Longer battery life, unique, patent-pending cleaning mechanisms, and better dryness. The LeoScrub delivers industry-leading cleaning performance.



Nimble & Flexible

Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Nimble & Flexible

The LeoScrub's sleek and compact design don't just look good - it allows for greater mobility and a tighter turning radius for better cleaning in tight corners, and movement through smaller spaces.


Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Always Presentable

Always Presentable

The LeoScrub  will brighten up any space! With beautiful design and a friendly personality, the LeoScrub is always presentable, allowing for non-intrusive cleaning people will love to see.

Powerful Sensors

Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Powerful Sensors
Powered by a comprehensive network of lidars, depth cameras and 5 sonars, the LeoScrub is able to traverse high traffic areas with active obstacle tracking and adapt to changing environments. Perfect for both day and night cleaning.
Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Sustainable & Efficient

Sustainable & Efficient

Smart energy management makes for sustainable robots like no other. Just 2 hours of charge time enables up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning. The LeoScrub is also more durable, and easily recyclable. The LeoScrub also requires up to 80 times less water usage than standard scrubber dryers.




Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Large Battery Life Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Quick Charging Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Powerful Brush Pressure
Up to 5 Hours Battery Life Quick 2 Hour Charging Powerful 50kg Brush Pressure
Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Efficient Cleaning Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Fast Moving Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Large Capacity
Uses Up to 80 Times Less Water than Standard Scrubber Dryers Fast 1m/s Speed Large Tank Capacity
Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Modern Design Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Fully Automated Clenli Direct - LeoScrub - Sharp Turning Radius
Sleek, Modern Design Fully Automated Sharp 1.2m Turning Radius



Specification Measurement
Dimensions (L x W x H) 830mm x 630mm x 1,160mm
Weight During Transport 140kg
Weight While Cleaning 160kg
Maximum Slope
Working Width 500mm (2x10" Brushes/Pads)
Squeegee Width 614mm
Brush Pressure 50kg
Maximum Speed 1m/s
Recovery Tank 25.6L
Solution Tank 21.2L
Chemical Pouch 1L
Turning Radius 1.2m
Battery 24V LiFePO4
Runtime Up to 5 hours
Charge Time 2 hours
Sound Level 64dBA
Cleaning Mechanism 2 x Brushes/Pads, Squeegee



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