i-vac 5

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The i-vac 5 is a powerhouse vacuum that gets the job done with excellent results. A well trusted name in the community, the i-vac 5 has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power. The i-vac 5 is used for office, carpet, household, cabinet, wardrobes, and more cleaning. Battery powered machines are also available! Check out Other i-team products.



5 L


5.2 kg

Air Flow

40 L/sec

Noise Level

63 dB

In stock

Response within an hour

Easy Mobility

i-vac 5b easy mobility
A reliable main handle provides ease of mobility you haven’t experienced before. The Vac 5 is more movable than ever!
i-vac 5b high powered engine

Powerful Engine

The powerful motor of the Vac 5B provides about 80% of the suction power that cable operated vacuums produce, without the strain of being slowed down by a cable.

Telescopic Wand & Flexible Hose

i-vac 5b telescopic wand & flexible hose
Double extrusion in high stress areas for extra stability at both ends.
i-vac 5b locking bags

Locking Bags

6 litre lockable bag to help avoid dust leakage when taking out the bag. You alos have the choice of a paper bag, or a microfiber HEPA bag.

Tool Integration

i-vac 5b tool integration
Tools can be easily stored and transported with the tool holding feature of the i-vac 5b.
i-vac 5b canister shape

Optimised Canister Shape

The cansiter is egg shaped canister for optimal work in smaller areas and close to body carrying. A lighted on/off switch, and easy cable storage.
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High Capacity Battery or Plug-In Lightweight
Specification Dimension
Carry Weight 5.2kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38cm x 33cm x 38cm
Hose Length 180cm
Capacity 5L
Sound Level 62dBA / 63dBA
Wafter Lift/Suction 1,800mm
Air Flow 40L/sec
Application Indoor, Dry
Power Source Cord or i-power 9 or 14
Charger Type Off-Board
Run Time (i-power 9) 30 minutes
Run Time (i-power 14) 40 minutes
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