i-vac i-move 2.5B

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The i-move 2.5B is a battery-powered, backpack vacuum cleaner. The lightweight and ergonomic i-move 2.5B is a well-balanced machine that allows you to move with maximum mobility and efficiency. As you wear the device on your back, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. The air exits out of the backpack vacuum cleaner sideways, so the air won’t blow on the cleaner. Thanks to the cordless design there’s no risk of tripping over wires.



2.5 L

Run Time

52 Mins

Air Flow

1.75 m³/min

Noise Level

72 dB

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i-move 2.5b

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Faster than Fast

i-vac i-move 2.5b - Faster than Fast
As a result of the battery-powered capabilities and small design, you can easily and quickly move around small or obstructed spaces. The dust bag can be changed within seconds. It only takes one click to open the bag compartment and switch bags with another click - no need to remove the hose.
i-vac i-move 2.5b - Cleaner than Clean

Cleaner than Clean

The i-vac 2.5B turns hard to reach places into easy to reach places. The i-vac 2.5B also comes with 2 high-quality filters including a H11 Class filter, powerful suction (14 Kpa) and strong dirt pickup at 1100mmHg. Enjoy Cleaner air as the filter cleans large dust and bacterial airborne contaminants.

Greener than Green

i-vac i-move 2.5b - Greener than Green
Repair with ease, no need to replace. Parts can easily be repaired or replaced in case of an accident, which results in a longer lifespan. The batteries are rechargable. Release eco-friendly fragrances while cleaning by using optional i-scent cartridges. 
i-vac i-move 2.5b - Safer than Safe

Safer than Safe

Mobility and efficiency are two words associated with the i-vac 2.5B. As the device is worn on your back, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. The air exits out of the device sideways, so the air won’t blow on the cleaner. Thanks to the battery power, there are no tripping risks due to cables.

Better than the Rest

i-vac i-move 2.5b - Better than the Rest
The i-move 2.5B is your perfect travel buddy when you need quick spot vacuuming or want to vacuum smaller spaces or hard to reach places. It’s one of the lightest and smallest back vacuums in the market, especially designed for easy use.




i-vac i-move 2.5b - Specifications

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i-vac i-move 2.5b - Lightweight i-vac i-move 2.5b - Battery Powered i-vac i-move 2.5b - Long Reach
Lightweight Battery Operated Long Reach
i-vac i-move 2.5b - Large Capacity i-vac i-move 2.5b - Long Run Time i-vac i-move 2.5b - Strong Airflow
Large Capacity Long Run Time Strong Airflow
Specification Measurement
Weight 4.58kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 224mm x 214mm x 476mm
Hose Length 2m
Capacity 2.5L
Sound Level 72dBA
Air Flow 1.75m³/min
Application Dry Only
Power Source i-power 8.7 battery
Run Time 52mins
Power 250W
Voltage (Motor) 28V
Charger Type External Charger
Charge Time 4.3hrs (2A Charger) / 1.7hrs (5A Charger)
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