i-bin hygiene 15

Introducing the i-bin hygiene 15, a revolutionary solution for feminine hygiene disposal. Say goodbye to unsightly, unhygienic, and odorous containers of the past. Touchless operation, odour sealing technology, and anti-microbial protection makes the i-bin a winner for both users and cleaners.


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Introducing the i-bin hygiene 15, revolutionizing feminine hygiene disposal for women and businesses alike. With eco-consciousness, touchless convenience, and unmatched odor control, the i-bin is a game-changer for hygiene and peace of mind. The i-bin is easy to use and quick to clean, while also being touchless in operation, odor-sealing, antimicrobial, and sustainable. The i-bin is a new era in feminine hygiene disposal.




i-bin hygiene 15 Features


I-bin hygiene 15 Integrated Waste System

Integrated Waste Stream

The i-bin waste bags are seamlessly integrated into the regular black bin waste stream, simplifying disposal without the need for special processing.

I-bin hygiene 15 Damage Prevention

Damage Prevention

Unlike mobile models, i-bin is a fixed fixture within ladies’ washrooms, preventing room damage and facilitating effortless cleaning beneath it. It can also be securely affixed using provided sticky tape.

I-bin hygiene 15 Intelligent Monitoring

Inelligent Monitoring

Equipped with sensors that monitor its fill level, packaging material status, and battery life. Real-time data is transmitted to cleaners, enabling more efficient planning. The three indicators on the front, turning green, blinking red, and solid red, provide clear status updates.

I-bin hygiene 15 Biodegradable Organic Materials

Biodegradable Organic Materials

The i-bin bags are crafted from 100% biodegradable, organic materials, such as corn, starch, and cellulose. This makes the i-bin bags eco-friendly, and much more sustainable than traditional methods.





i-bin hygiene 15 how it works


How the i-bin Works


Step 1: Waste is dropped into the i-bin, and is held by the bag. The bag then seals itself around the waste.


Step 2: Once sealed, the bag will then drop to the bottom of the i-bin.


Step 3: New waste can then enter the i-bin, where this will be held and sealed by a new bag.


Step 4: Once sealed, the new waste will then drop to the bottom of the i-bin.




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Specification Measurement
Available Colors White, Pink, Grey, Black
Capacity 15 L
Cycles > 750
Battery Life Approx. 2 Months
Charge Time 5 Hours
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions (mm) 200 x 235 x 655
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