Introducing the i-bin hygiene 15 to Ireland


Introducing the i-bin hygiene 15 to Ireland

Feminine Hygiene Disposal Unit

Sustainable, User Friendly, Cost Saving

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What is the i-Bin?

Meet the i-bin hygiene 15, transforming feminine hygiene disposal for both women and businesses. Combining eco-friendliness, touch-free operation, and superior odor management, the i-bin sets a new standard for cleanliness and confidence. Easy to use and effortless to clean, it boasts touchless functionality, odor-locking technology, antimicrobial properties, and sustainability. Welcome to the next generation of feminine hygiene disposal with i-bin.



i-bin hygiene 15 feminine hygiene disposal unit in white





i-Bin Hygiene 15 Highlights


i-bin hygiene 15 touchless operation

Touchless Operation

One of the standout features of i-bin is its touchless operation. It eliminates the need for lids or additional mechanisms for opening, providing a convenient and hygienic solution.

i-bin hygiene 15 Odour Sealing Technology

Odor-Sealing Technology

The i-bin excels in how it seals away sanitary products and odors immediately, ensuring an odor-free experience.

i-bin hygiene 15 Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial Protection

The i-bin is treated with built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. The antimicrobial treatment reduces bacterial growth on the i-bin surface for its expected lifetime. This helps keep the i-bin cleaner between cleans and delivers added peace of mind for users.


i-bin hygiene 15 Eco Friendly


The i-bin uses 100% natural foil with biodegradable components like corn, cellulose, and European-sourced vegetable oil. The incineration process supports sustainability by avoiding new raw oil introduction.

i-bin hygiene 15 reduces CO2 Emissions

Reducing CO2 Emissions

The i-bin significantly reduces CO2 emissions, revolutionizing sustainability. Traditional practices, such as separate waste processing, come with high energy and emission costs. The i-bin emits up to 236,000 grams less CO2 annually, offering a sustainable shift that benefits businesses while reducing their environmental impact.

i-bin hygiene 15 No Expensive Costs

No Expensive Costs

Unlike traditional options with accumulating expenses, i-bin's pricing model includes a one-time purchase cost for the unit and a modest monthly foil expense. By integrating seamlessly into the regular black bin waste stream, i-bin saves you tremendous costs compared to the costly special practices associated with traditional containers.




Traditional Containers vs i-Bin Comparison


Aspect Traditional Container i-Bin
Cleaning Process Requires boiling water and energy No expensive cleaning needed
Waste Processing Costs High Minimized with a single emission
Logistic Movements Extensive Reduced, thanks to regular logistics
Lifetime CO2 Emissions Approx. 1,180,000 grams 240 grams
Sustainability High reliance on petroleum Reduces reliance on petroleum









Make the Change Today

The i-bin hygiene 15 revolutionizes feminine hygiene disposal for women and businesses alike. With its blend of eco-consciousness, touch-free convenience, and advanced odor control, i-bin establishes a new benchmark in cleanliness and assurance. Simple to operate and easy to clean, it features touchless operation, odor-sealing technology, antimicrobial protection, and sustainable design. Step into the future of feminine hygiene disposal with i-bin. Available in four colors, select the perfect match for your facility!

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i-bin hygiene 15 in black, grey, pink, white




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