Comac Versa 55 BT

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The Comac Versa 55 BT is a high-performance walk behind scrubber dryer that is reliable efficient and easy to use.


Cleaning Width

560 mm

Max. Performance

1960 m²/h

Tank Capacity

62 / 66 L

Battery Life

3 Hours

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Versa 55 BT

Response within an hour

The Comac Versa 55 BT is perfect for increasing productivity while reducing costs of cleaning operations. The Comac Versa 55 BT works in a range of environments such as supermarkets, public buildings, hospitals, warehouses, car showrooms, workshops and production facilities. The Comac Versa 55 BT is easy to prepare and easy to use with features like measuring cap on solution tank, hose connections and on board battery charging.
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  • Rapid water filling
  • Handy cleaning solution level indicator
  • On-board battery charger








-Two different brush head types to get optimal results on any floor: with disc brush or cylindrical

-Intuitive driving and simple controls

-Compact dimensions

-Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance

-Frame and squeegee attachment in die-cast aluminum to guarantee sturdiness and reliability over time

-4 wheels to increase machine stability

-Self-leveling splash guards also adapt automatically to uneven floors to increase cleaning performance

Specifications Comac Versa 55 BT
Theoretical Productivity 1,960m²
Scrubbing Width 560mm
Brushes 2 - Discs
Brush Diameter 290mm
Brush Pressure 25kg
Solution Tank 62L
Recovery Tank 66L
Supply/Traction 24V/auto
Autonomy Up To 3 hours
Machine Dimensions (LxHxW) 1190mm x1050mm x 620mm
Squeegee Width 800mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 228kg
Sound Pressure Level 65.3 dB
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