Comac Ultra 100

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The Comac Ultra 100 is a ride-on scrubber-dryer that is robust and powerful, ideal for large industrial areas. With the perfect blend of productivity, performance and reliability, the Ultra 100 is the perfect solution for heavy duty cleaning needs.
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Comac Ultra 100

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Perfect for use in the industrial sector, logistics centers, stations and airports. The Ultra 100 includes features such as anti-skid wheels, Stop&Go meaning brushes are stopped while machine is idle to optimize consumption and adjustable high brush pressure for different needs. Ultra 100 is the ideal solution for maintenance and heavy duty cleaning even in the case of very heavy dirt on medium and large floors up to 20000 sq.m.
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  • Full control of all machine functions thanks to the innovative
    instrument panel
  • Suction system located on the brush head
  • Front lights











-Two different brush head types to get optimal results on any floor: scrubbing or scrubbing-sweeping

-Intuitive driving and simple controls

-Working program selector enables the operator to manually select the type of activity to be carried out

-High brush pressure that can be adjusted manually according to the type of dirt to clean

-Stop&Go: when the machine is temporarily idle, the solution flow is interrupted and the brushes are halted so as to optimize consumption and reduce waste


  • Theoretical productivity (up to sqm/h)
  • Scrubbing width (mm)
  • Brushes, quantity and type
    2 - Cylindrical
  • Brush Ø (mm) 
    Ø150x980 (front) Ø280x865 (rear)
  • Pressure on the brush (min - max) (kg)
  • Solution tank (l)
  • Recovery tank (l)
  • Supply/traction (V)
  • Autonomy up to (h)
  • Machine dimensions (l x w x h) (mm)
  • Squeegee width (mm)
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) (kg)
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 - dB (A))
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