Comac Innova Comfort 75B

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The Comac Innova Comfort 75B is a ride-on scrubber dryer that incorporates comfort into practicality. Fast, effective, and discrete the Comac Innova Comfort 75B offer noise reduction technology for day-time cleaning operations for floor scrubbing and drying.


Cleaning Width

750 mm

Max. Performance

4500 m²/h

Tank Capacity

120 / 130 L

Battery Life

3 Hours

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Innova Comfort 75B

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The Comac Innova Comfort 75B is a ride-on floor scrubber that is highly comfortable and easy to use. The high tank capacities and the technical features of the Comac Innova Comfort 75B make it an excellent partner for maintenance cleaning. It is fast and effective, and thanks to the devices for noise reduction, it guarantees the utmost discretion during cleaning operations. Comac has also given the Innova Comfort innovative technologies directed towards saving resources, reducing waste and limiting consumption. 


Suitable for places with high volume of people passing such as the public sector, educational establishments, swimming pools, gyms and supermarkets, and all situations that require professional cleaning of floors up to 6000m². Equipped with front and rear headlights, fast filling system, automatic retraction of brush head on impact and super comfortable seats and driving position.

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Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 75B Comfort - LED Lights Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 75B Comfort - Powerful Suction Tool Clenli Direct - Comac Innova 75B Comfort - Intuitive Driving Controls
Energy Efficient LED Lights Powerful Suction Tool Intuitive Driving Controls
Front and rear LED headlights as standard to guarantee maximum visibility A powerful suction tool to help lift dirt and water from the ground Intuitive driving and simple controls for both Essential and Bright configurations
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The steering wheel, new generation drive pedal and seat with super comfortable armrests ensure maximum comfort for the operator even when the scrubbing machine is used for long periods This scrubber dryer is can scrub, dry and spray a sanitizing solution at the same time This ensures that the delivery of the solution is uniform across the working width, thus improving cleaning efficiency
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Eco Mode Pressure Monitor System Stop & Go System
Reduce noise level and energy consumption and increase the floor scrubber's autonomy with the press of a button Monitors the pressure of the brushes to ensure maximum efficiency when cleaning Optimises consumption by automatically halting the machine when it is idle
Specification Measurement
Theoretical Productivity 4,500m²/h
Scrubbing Width 750mm
Brush Type & Quantity Discs (x2)
Brush Diameter 390mm
Brush Pressure 30/60kg
Solution Tank 120L
Recovery Tank 130L
Battery Life 3 hours
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,570mm x 1,275mm x 780mm
Squeegee Width 990mm
Weight 476kg
Sound Level 61.5dBA
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