Catering Scouring Sponge Large (Pack of 5)

The Catering Scouring Sponge Large is a versatile and heavy-duty cleaning tool designed for the toughest kitchen tasks. Featuring a durable scouring surface and an absorbent sponge, it efficiently removes grime, grease, and food residues from pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces. Perfect for commercial kitchens and catering environments, this large sponge ensures a thorough and effective clean every time.
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Introducing the Catering Scouring Sponge Large, the ultimate cleaning companion for demanding kitchen environments. This robust and versatile sponge combines a durable scouring surface with an absorbent sponge, providing the perfect balance of toughness and flexibility. Designed to tackle the hardest grime, grease, and food residues, it ensures that pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces are left spotless and hygienic.

The large size of this scouring sponge offers enhanced coverage and a comfortable grip, making it easier to clean larger areas and difficult-to-reach spots. Whether you're working in a bustling commercial kitchen, a busy catering service, or at home, the Catering Scouring Sponge Large is built to withstand rigorous use and deliver exceptional cleaning performance every time.

Ideal for scrubbing pots, pans, ovens, grills, and other kitchen equipment, this sponge is a must-have tool for any professional or home chef. Experience the efficiency and reliability of the Catering Scouring Sponge Large and keep your kitchen sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Large size to fit hand comfortably. Suitable for heavy duty applications.

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