Virus Shield - Antiviral Face Mask, Face Snood

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Brand new Reuseable Virus Shield gives anti-viral protection for you and your family for up to 150 hours. The easy-to-wear snood helps prevent infection. Can be worn anywhere. 

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Virus Protection For You And Your Family


Brand new Virus Shield gives anti-viral protection for you and your family. The easy-to-wear snood helps prevent infection.

The coating is designed to be applied to single layer materials for pandemic situations. The coating transforms the base material into an anti-viral, multi-functional protective snood. So light and breathable you won't believe its virus stopping power. Proven to trap and kill airborne enveloped influenza viruses.

  •  Tested by world-leading scientists
  •  Suitable for the whole family
  •  Reusable and washable
  •  Traps and kills 96% of enveloped influenza viruses


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Hours Use Description

The shield can be worn for 150 hours. 

It is recommneded to hand wash the shield after every 50 hours of use. 

you can wash the mask up too three times within the recommended 150 hours. 

How to


The Virustatic Shield is a unique, re-usable face-covering with anti-pathogenic action.

The face covering is designed with a bioactive filter material which binds and disables pathogens on contact, to protect against >95% of aerosolised pathogens including viruses. The bioactive filter material ensures protection against pathogen inhalation and the prevention of exhalation of pathogens. This unique design means the mask is safe to touch, and reuse.

The Virustatic Shield is designed to provide adequate sealing of the face to cover critical viral infection points such as the nose, mouth, ears and chin.


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Product summary

Product Code: AVM96

Material: Bamboo or Viscose/Elastane blends

Active Product: The Active coating's MeSH Pharmacological Classification is Anti-Infective Agents that classifies as substances that prevent infectious agents or organisms from spreading or kill infectious agents in order to prevent the spread of infection.


The Virustatic Shield is a Filtering Face Piece designed to protect against aerosolised pathogens.

Please note that the Virustatic Shield is not suitable for use in concentrations of solid (dust) particles and/or volatile/ non-volatile liquid particles. However, it may be used in unison with the Virustatic Shield should additional dust protection be required.

Breathing information

The fabric is lightweight, single layer and low pressure drop that does not impact on increased breathing rates. Breathable by design, the Virustatic Shield is made predominantly from natural materials and can be worn for long periods of time.

Hazards identification

The mask is made from materials Generally Regarded as Safe. It is a non-dangerous product in normal conditions and proteins in the coating are suitable for human ingestion.


Dispose of as waste from processed mixed textile fibres.

Safety information

Extinguishing media - Any fire extinguisher

Allergies - Not recognised as allergenic

Conditions to avoid - Avoid temperatures in excess of 40°C and conditions with high humidity

Disposal - Processed mixed textile fibres

Transport - Not regulated as a hazardous material

Safety - Non-dangerous product in normal conditions of use

Components and Materials

What People Say About Our Shield

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“A Fabric Coating That Can Effectively Trap And Stop The Spread Of The Flu."
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Please note for hygienic reasons these shields cannot be returned.

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