26" x 42" Special Black Refuse Sacks

Special Black Refuse Sacks, measuring 26" x 42", offer a robust and eco-friendly solution for waste disposal. Each roll contains 25 bags, with a 120-litre capacity per bag, capable of holding up to 15kg. Made from 100% recyclable materials, these sacks are strong, durable, and resistant to tears and punctures, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial use.
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Introducing the Special Black Refuse Sacks, designed to meet your waste disposal needs with superior strength and sustainability. Each sack measures 26" x 42" and boasts a generous 120-litre capacity, accommodating up to 15kg of waste. Crafted from 100% recyclable materials, these bags are not only environmentally friendly but also exceptionally durable.


With a thickness of 25 microns (100 gauge), these refuse sacks are tear and puncture resistant, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions. Whether for household use, commercial settings, or outdoor cleanups, these robust bags handle a wide variety of waste types with ease.


Each roll contains 25 bags, providing ample supply for your disposal requirements. Choose Special Black Refuse Sacks for a dependable, eco-conscious solution that combines strength, durability, and recyclability, making waste management both efficient and responsible.

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Specification Measurement
Bags per Roll 25
Cubic Capacity (per bag) 120 L
Bag Size 26" x 42"
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