SkyVac Internal 30 High Reach Vacuum

The SkyVac Internal 30 is a high-level vacuuming system designed for safe and efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas up to 40 feet from the ground. Featuring a powerful 1000-watt motor and 3800 litres per minute airflow, it rapidly removes dust and debris in environments like shopping centres, offices, universities, and hospitals. It includes lightweight carbon fibre poles and a variety of accessories for versatile cleaning.
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SkyVac Internal 30 High Reach Vacuum

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The SkyVac Internal 30 is a versatile high-reach vacuuming system designed for safe and effective cleaning of hard-to-access indoor areas up to 40 feet high. Powered by a robust 1000-watt motor, it offers an impressive airflow of 3800 litres per minute, ensuring efficient removal of dust and debris. This system is ideal for environments such as shopping centres, large offices, universities, hospitals, libraries, and schools.


The SkyVac Internal 30 is engineered with safety and convenience in mind. It eliminates the need for scaffolding, significantly reducing associated costs and risks. The system includes a built-in trolley for easy transport and storage, along with a fitted basket to keep accessories organized.


The vacuum comes with lightweight carbon fibre poles, available in both telescopic and push-fit configurations, allowing for flexible operation. A range of specialized brushes and end tools enhance its versatility, enabling it to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease. Whether it's ceilings, walls, or other elevated surfaces, the SkyVac Internal 30 ensures thorough and efficient cleaning, making it an essential tool for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in large indoor spaces.


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Specification Measurement
Motor 1000 W
Airflow 3800 L/min
Capacity 37 L
Weight 14 kg
Noise Level. 60 dB
Power Source Mains (Plug-In)
Power Cable Length 8 Metres
Pole Length 4 - 12 Metres
Pole Material Carbon Fibre
Dimensions (mm) 550 x 440 x 900
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