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Clenli Direct is leading the way in robotic cleaning in Ireland.

Dedicated to bringing innovative cleaning solutions to the cleaning industry, we have been supplying the Irish market with cleaning robots since 2018. Since then, we have invested in research and development, training, expanding our robotics team, and have partnered with the most innovative suppliers worldwide.

In the past 2 years, we have brought 9 new models of robotic cleaning soutions to the market – with more to come. We are proud to be leading the way to a more sustainable future for the cleaning and facilities industry in Ireland.

Why Robotic Cleaning?

As automated solutions begin to become a normal part of life for many industries, cleaning is no different. Robotics offer an opportunity to work for longer, offer more efficient cleaning, reduce labour costs, and provide transparent cleaning data as it goes.

Robotics do not tire, they do not slow down, and they do not make mistakes. They are designed to work at a high level continuously, producing the best results continuously.

Range of LionsBot robots at Clenli Direct
Clenli Direct with LionsBot Rex

What are the Advantages of Robotic Cleaning?

Robotic Cleaning Solutions offer an opportunity to optimise your cleaning, reduce waste, lower operational costs, and increase efficiency. Cleaning robots can clean at a rate that no human can match. They are also extremely sustainable and efficient, using far less water, chemicals, and energy than normal cleaning equipment.

Cleaning robots are also draw a large amount of attention from both the public and from clients, which in turn will raise awareness for your own business.

Why Clenli Direct?

Clenli Direct has been leading the way in robotics since 2018. As a market leader in cleaning equipment, we choose to work with the most innovative and reliable companies worldwide. We test, trial, and examine many different products, and then handpick the best to work with.

We don't offer you a product, we offer you a service. When you choose Clenli Direct, we will set up your robot to your specific needs, train you and your team to be able to use the robot, and offer an amazing after sales and servicing package.

Our team have expert knowledge on the area of robotics. Our service team have been trained to work with robotics, and are capable of servicing and maintaining our fleet.

Clenli Direct Team with LeoBots Robotic Cleaners

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We offer a wide range of robotic cleaning options for all different tasks and sized areas. For help finding the right option for you, or to speak to a member of expert team, contact us today.

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