Prochem Polaris 800

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Introducing the Prochem Polaris 800 – the pinnacle of carpet and upholstery cleaning technology. Engineered for exceptional performance, this machine offers powerful cleaning capabilities to tackle even the toughest stains and dirt. With its advanced features and robust design, the Prochem Polaris 800 is the perfect choice for professional cleaners and homeowners seeking professional-grade results.


Cleaning Width

480 mm


2 Motors

Tank Capacity

30 L

Max. Waterlift

3810 mm H2O

In stock

Response within an hour

The Prochem Polaris 800 stands as a testament to Prochem's commitment to excellence in carpet and upholstery cleaning technology. Designed for professional use, this machine combines high-powered performance with advanced features to deliver outstanding cleaning results on carpets, rugs, and upholstery.


At its core, the Prochem Polaris 800 is equipped with a powerful 3-stage vacuum motor, providing unparalleled suction to effectively extract dirt, debris, and moisture from surfaces. This ensures that carpets and upholstery dry quickly, reducing downtime and allowing for faster cleaning cycles.


The machine's 150 PSI solution pump ensures precise delivery of cleaning solution, promoting even distribution and thorough cleaning. Whether you're dealing with deep-seated stains, stubborn dirt, or odors, the Prochem Polaris 800 is up to the task, delivering exceptional cleaning power with every use.


Durability and reliability are key features of the Prochem Polaris 800, with its rugged construction and high-quality components designed to withstand the rigors of daily professional use. Its compact design and ergonomic features make it easy to maneuver and operate, reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.


User-friendly controls, intuitive interface, and convenient onboard storage for accessories make the Prochem Polaris 800 a joy to use. The machine's adjustable handle and solution flow control allow for customized cleaning based on specific requirements, ensuring optimal results every time.


Whether you're a professional cleaner looking to enhance your cleaning capabilities or a homeowner seeking professional-grade cleaning results, the Prochem Polaris 800 is the ultimate choice. With its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, it's a valuable investment for any cleaning professional or enthusiast.


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Powerful 3-Stage Vacuum Motor: Unparalleled suction for effective dirt and moisture extraction.

150 PSI Solution Pump: Precise delivery of cleaning solution for thorough cleaning.

Rugged & Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Compact & Ergonomic Design: Easy to maneuver and operate, reducing fatigue.

Quick Drying: Efficient moisture extraction reduces drying time for carpets and upholstery.

User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive interface and onboard storage for accessories.

Adjustable Handle & Solution Flow Control: Customize cleaning based on specific requirements.

Versatile Cleaning: Suitable for carpets, rugs, and upholstery in both commercial and residential settings.

Full floating and self-levelling cylindrical power brush, eliminates the need for continual manual adjustment.

150 psi diaphragm pump

Twin 2 stage vacuum motors with 48 cm (19″) cleaning path.
Large 30 litre solution tank.
Increased vacuum airflow reduces drying times and gives faster cleaning, up to 300 sq. metres per hour.
Hinged body, provides safe, quick and easy access to all internal components.
Optional carpet wand or hand tools, can be attached for immediate use.
Patented four-wheel design, allows pivoting on front or rear wheels for increased manoeuvrability.
Fully adjustable handle, suits any operator.
70 decibel silencer fitted as standard, ideal for ‘quiet cleaning areas.
“See-thru” recovery dome and easy lift-off buckets, no hoses to detach.
Free Training Voucher with this machine
Specification Measurement
Solution Tank 30 L
Pressure 10.3 bar / 150 PSI
Vacuum Motor 2 x 2 Stage By-Pass
Water Lift 3810 mm
Airflow 94.3 L/sec
Brush Speed 2100 RPM
Cleaning Width 480 mm
Tank Construction Polyethylene
Power Cable 7.6 Metres
Weight 51 kg
Dimensions (mm) 960 x 1220 x 480
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