Prestone Coolant Antifreeze 1 Litre

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Prestone Antifreeze & Coolant 1 Litre is a ready to use antifreeze and or coolant mixture that is guaranteed to be suitable for all makes and models. Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze can be mixed with any other colour of coolant/antifreeze that is already in your car without causing any problems, clogging or damage to the engine.
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When choosing the right coolant for your car, it can be confusing. Coolants come in different shapes and sizes, and mixing coolants which aren’t compatible or using the wrong type for your car can cause clogging, engine failure, and sometimes expensive damage.


Prestone have solved this problem by creating one product that is guaranteed to work will all cars and can be mixed with any colour of coolant, so it doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive or what cooIant has been used in it. Prestone Coolant Antifreeze 1 Litre can be used to top up or at a service interval to replace the entire coolant in the engine. Prestone Coolant Antifreeze 1 Litre coolant contains patented technology and has been tested in the most challenging conditions, performing from -37°C to 129°C.

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- Prestone Coolant is the number 1 coolant/antifreeze

- Guaranteed corrosion protection for 150,000 miles/10 years

- Protection in all extremes from -37°C to 129°C

- Guaranteed for all cars and light commercial vehicles

- Add to any coolant/antifreeze Ready to use formula makes it easy for you to top up

- Original patented US formula, Number 1 in the US and a world leader

Specification Measurement
Brand Prestone
Product Type Coolant / Antifreeze
Size 1 Litre
Color Yellow
Min / Max Operating Temperature -37 to 129 °C
Dimensions (mm) 230 x 54 x 110
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