Numatic Quick Dust Pods [Pack of 10]

Numatic Quick Dust Bags. Pack of 10. 1 Litre Capacity. Hygienic, hands-free emptying. No dust cloud thanks to dust lock seal. Made from 60% recycled materials.
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The Numatic Quick Dust Pods are an essential accessory for maintaining optimal performance of your Numatic Quick vacuum cleaner. This pack includes 10 dust pods, each with a 1-liter capacity, designed for efficient and hygienic dust collection. The innovative design ensures hands-free emptying, minimizing direct contact with dust and debris. Thanks to the dust lock seal, there is no dust cloud during disposal, enhancing cleanliness and convenience.


Constructed from 60% recycled materials, these dust pods align with sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact. The high-efficiency filter Pods not only trap dust effectively but also contribute to the overall durability and performance of your vacuum. By using these eco-friendly pods, you support both a cleaner home and a healthier planet.


Designed for easy replacement, the dust pods can be quickly and securely installed into your vacuum, ensuring minimal downtime. The compact design maximizes the vacuum’s dust capacity while maintaining a lightweight and portable profile. These pods are engineered to provide superior filtration, capturing fine dust particles and allergens, thus improving indoor air quality.


Ideal for homes and workplaces that demand frequent cleaning, the Numatic Quick Dust Pods offer a practical and eco-conscious solution for maintaining a clean environment. With this pack of 10 pods, you are well-equipped for numerous cleaning sessions, ensuring your vacuum operates at peak efficiency.


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Specification Measurement
Capacity 1 L
Quantity in Pack 10 Pods
Made from 60% Recycled Materials
Manufacturer Numatic
GTIN / EAN / UPC 5028965832981
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