iMop XL and XXL New Features


iMop Lite, XL & XXL New Features (V23)

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Available Q1 2024

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  Lite XL Plus XL Pro XXL Pro
Battery Safety Guard - features features features
Control Panel - features features features
Splash Guards - features features features
Floating Ball System - features features features
Electronic Angle Switch - features features features
Timer Display - features - -
Anti-Corrosion Coating - - features features
Drive Support (V22) features features features features
Parking Support (V22) features features features features
Integrated Drive/Parking Support features features - -
Antimicrobial Tanks features features features features
i-Balance - - features features
Brushless Motor - - features features
Easy Lift Kit - - features features
i-Link & Phone Holder - - features features
New 9 & 14 Pro Batteries - - features features
Easy Click Squeegee Blades - - features features
Easy Click Splash Guards - - features features
Easy Click Squeegee Wheels - - features features






What is an i-Mop?

The i-mop is a revolutionary, flexible and powerful floor scrubber dryer which has changed how cleaning is done. 


The i-mop cleans up to 70% quicker than conventional mop and buskets, and up to 30% faster than conventional scrubber dryers. The i-mop is highly flexible, and has the ability to get right to the edge and under obstacles, which means a virtual end to manual operations that are required to supplement conventional machine scrubbing.


The i-mop also uses significantly less water than both a mop and bucket, and traditional scrubber dryers, meaning it is better for the environment. 


Now, the i-mop is updating to become even greater!



The Revolutionary iMop


iMop Lite, XL & XXL New Features

Upgrade your Cleaning - Go Pro

Do you clean in an areas like swimming pools or greasy kitchens? Or do you just want to upgrade your cleaning with the latest innovations? We have the solution. Meet the upgraded Pro versions of the i-mop XL and XXL and the brand new imop Lite Pro. Discover all new features and schedule a demo today.

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Latest Features


Ring the Alarm I-mop Features

Drive Support

With traditional mopping, when squeezing your mop into the wringer, you are adding dirt from the floor into the clean water inside your bucket. This means that you are simply spreading the dirt around your floor, and not actually cleaning it. With a scrubber dryer, there are separate tanks for clean and dirty water, meaning no cross contamination, and cleaner results to show for it.

Ring the Alarm I-mop Features

Ring the Alarm

To avoid damage to the brushes, an alarm will sound when the i-mop is in park position for over 10 minutes. The machine will then automatically be disabled. Lift the deck to stop the alarm and restart the i-mop.


i-Power 20 Batteries

i-Power 20 Batteries

The newest addition to the plug and play system is the i-power 20 battery (24V, 20Ah). One set keeps you cleaning up to 130 minutes with the i-mop XXL. The battery even has a digital screen to show the power cycles and remaining use time!




Lift Kit I-mop Features

Lift Kit

Sometimes detergents of disinfectants need some dwell time when you’re cleaning the floor. And now you can easily give them that time. The lift kit makes it possible to lift the squeegee up with the flick of a switch.

Anti-Bacterial Tanks I-mop

Anti-Bacterial Tanks

The tanks have anti-bacterial properties infused into the plastic which kills bacteria and prevents them from sticking to the tank. This results in strong odor reduction and a safer work environment for the cleaner. Rest assured that all bacteria are removed when you dispose of the fluids.


Parking Support I-mop Features

Parking Support

Make back fatigue a thing of the past. With parking support, you don’t have to bend down to lift the deck when you want to park the i-mop for a short period of time. Parking support allows you to park the i-mop in a standing position for 10 minutes without lifting the deck. Simply engage or disengage parking with your foot.




The i-Mop Range



i-Mop Lite

i-Mop Lite

370 mm


i-Mop XL

i-Mop XL

460 mm


i-Mop XXL

i-Mop XXL

620 mm


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