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The i-vac 4B is one of the best cordless and backpack vacuums on the market. The i-vac 4B is extremely mobile and lightweight, to make your job easier. Not only is the i-vac 4B mobile, it is also powerful, with a large airflow and a high capacity. It's long hose length makes vacuuming even simpler. Don’t let your vacuum cleaner cord restrict you.



5 L

Run Time

Up to 40 Mins

Air Flow

13.3 L/sec

Sound Level

68 dB

In stock

Response within an hour

Travel light

i-vac 4b move freedom
The cordless i-vac 4B Move with it’s lightweight backpack, gives you more freedom of movement – especially in confined areas. There is no longer a need to worry about difficult terrain with bumps, steps, or other obstacles.

Be comfortable

The mesh backing helps you stay comfortable and cool during operation. The wide shoulder straps in combination with the chest straps provide for maximum flexibility. The unique carrying system of the ‘i-vac 4B Move’, ensure ultimate comfort during lengthy working time.

Activated by i-power batteries

batteries i-power
i-power batteries are interchangeable for all our battery-powered machines, and can be switched out in seconds. Select from two battery types: i-power 9, or i-power 14.
Remote switch i-vac 4b move

Remote control power switch

By clicking the remote control power switch to your belt you can easily switch the machine on and off.


Upgrade the standard filter to a HEPA or ULPA filter when operating in a controlled environment.

Optional i-brush

In need of extra suction power to clean high pile carpets? Our i-brush will do the trick! This attachment simultaneously agitates the carpet, while removing dirt and dust.

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Specification Measurement
Carry Weight 5.7kg (without battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 24cm x 33cm x 36.6cm (excluding harness)
Hose Length 140cm
Capacity 5L
Sound Level 68dBA
Water Lift/Suction 1,300mm
Airflow 13.3L/s
Application Dry Only
Power Source i-power 9 or i-power 14 battery
Run time (i-power 9) 30mins
Run time (i-power 14) 40mins
Charger Type External Charger
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