I-MATT Floor Safety System

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i-matt is an extended duration, clean-in-place walk-off mat that vastly improves floor safety and ease of cleaning.
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Instead of wasting time and money moving mats out of the way, clean your floors with i-matt in place. It stays put up to 12 weeks! The proprietary adhesive backing allows i-matt to stay in place while you clean. You can i-mop right over its low profile, durable, quick-drying surface and never move a heavy, dirty carpeted mat again!

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-stays in place during cleaning

-keeps floors cleaner all day

-reduces slip hazards

Size roll of 3 precut sections, each 91.5cm x 3m (36” x 10’)
Fluids Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents & Water
Absorbency Up to 30 L per roll
Temperature Limit Surface temperatures from 13°C - 49°C
Composition Absorbent - Polypropylene; Adhesive Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material
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