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Gum is a very sticky problem! It is covers our pavements and is very difficult to get rid of. i-team has developed the i-gum to help you clean chewing gum off the sidewalk, carpet and floors.

Response within an hour


Response within an hour


Meet the i-gum: Simple, fast, clean Changing the way you think about cleaning! A comfortable self-contained backpack is worn by the operative allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy usability. The unit is attached to an ergonomic lance. It is designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal. Upon contact, our specially designed brush emits a PH Neutral and Safe chemical steam mixture to evaporate the chewing gum. This can then be brushed away. This eliminates the need for high-pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals and over spray into unwanted spaces. This makes it highly suitable to work in both populated and busy areas. The high quality and robust design of the i-gum means it has a continuous operating cycle of a minimum of eight hours. The i-Gum is an innovative revelation within the cleaning industry. Chewing gum removal was a task that generally took a great deal of time as the person would be moving the machine to and from areas while they work. That has all changed with this machine, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and the battery can last a full work session. The portability achieved with the i-Gum is not only convenient, it is truly significant for this area of cleaning. The i-Gum provides consistently fantastic results and is an excellent option for chewing gum removals cleaning operations.


-only takes 6 seconds!

-use on any surface

-no residue


Weight excl. batteries
9.4 kg
Size body (l x w x h)
34.7 x 33 x 50 cm
Size with lance (l x w x h)
34.7 x 33 x 113 cm
Tank capacity
2.5 L
Max. temperature
104 °C
Power source / battery type
i-power 14 battery
Battery spec
25.2 V 14 Ah
Charger type
110-240V, 50/60Hz
Lldpe, Rotomoulded, Abs / pc / pp injected/ blow moulded, Alu & carbon
40 minutes on 1 i-power 14 battery
i-gum fluid consumption
+/- 2 liters per hour




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