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The i-fogger is a practical tool to have during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It disinfects surfaces and entire spaces quickly. The mobile unit creates and disperses a disinfectant aerosol (mist) to reduce the numbers of airborne micro-organisms and viruses.
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A powerful engine accelerates fog production. Allows for intensive high-volume disinfection in locations with heavy foot-traffic, such as: cinemas, airplanes, cruise ships, busses or shopping malls. With the interchangable nozzles you can regulate the mist from small to large droplet size as needed. The mist will float trough the air and cover everything it runs across.

The i-fogger by i team uses battery power instead of propane fuel which is used for thermal foggers. This is more environmentally friendly and won’t leave oily stains that are hard to clean.

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•It disinfects surfaces and entire spaces quickly.

•high volume tank (easy to fill, clean and empty)

•quick (saves time manually disinfecting)

Weight7.9 kg (w/o water and battery
Battery weight1.3 kg
Size main body (l x w x h)200 x 295 x 225 mm
Size main body300x600x315 mm (including harnass)
Tank Capacity3.5 Liter
Spray distance5~6 m
Spray volume80~175 ml/min
Duration time @ nozzle 1.5 mm hole20 minutes
Duration time @ nozzle 1.0 mm hole25 minutes
Duration batteryabove 50 minutes
Charge time2.5 hours
Speed of spray175~100ml/minute
Hose length1.2 meters
Droplet size20~150 um
Spray nozzles0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm
Machine power450 W
PumpDC24V, 5W, 100ml/minute
Main body materialLDPE
Spray handle materialAluminum
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