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The i-air PRO: a high capacity air purifier that improves indoor air quality in medium to large spaces of up to 500m2.


The i-air PRO purifies the air around it by filtering out solid contaminants, breaking down all VOCs and neutralising all living harmful microbes - including viruses. In short: it delivers the best air you can breathe indoors.

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i-air PRO

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We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. In the buildings that we work and cook, clean, shower and sleep, the air quality is 5 to 10 times worse than outdoors. We get exposed to hundreds of different contaminants daily! And that influences our health, well-being and productivity. To improve our living conditions and health, we need to breathe clean and healthy air.


That’s why i-team designed the i-air PRO: a high capacity air purifier that improves indoor air quality in medium to large spaces of up to 500m2. The i-air PRO is the only stand-alone unit on the market that delivers MERV19 class air to medium to large spaces in all segments. This innovative air purifier also comes with a HEPA H14 filter as standard, removing 99.999% of airborne pathogens from the air around it. The perfect solution for sports venues, office spaces, hospitals and clinics, education facilities, hotels, and restaurants.


The most powerful air purifier on the market, the i-Air Pro comes with a high number of benefits, including the removal of COVID-19 from the atmosphere around it, reduction in allergy related illnesses, increased productivity and energy from users, and reduced noise pollution.

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iAir Pro Benefits - Air Purifier Removes Pathogens iAir Pro Benefits - Air Purifier Increases Productivity iAir Pro Benefits - Air Purifier Allows Windows to Stay Closed
Removes 99.9% of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19 Increases Productivity Reduces Noise Pollution as Windows can Remain Closed
iAir Pro Benefits - Air Purifier Gives Users More Energy iAir Pro Benefits - Air Purifier Removes Allergens from the Atmosphere iAir Pro Benefits - HEPA H14 Filter
Gives Users More Energy Reduces Allergy Related Illnesses/Reactions HEPA H14 Filter
Specification Measurement
Power Requirement 230V 50/60Hz
Modes Low, Medium, High, Max
Energy Consumption (Dependant on Mode) 370W - 470W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1273mm x 684mm x 334mm / 1328mm x 794mm x 444mm
Weight 75kg
Air Output (Low - Max) 200-600m³/h
Housing Material Metal
Noise Level (Dependant on Mode) 35dB - 61dB
EN 1882 Filter Classsification HEPA H14 ≥99.999%
Main HEPA Filter Life Up to 24 months
PM Particle Filtration ≥ 99.999%
VOC Reduction (TVOC) ≥ 95 - 97%
Microbiological Contamination Reduction Level ≥ 99.9999%
Output Air Quality Merv 19
Max Room Size 500m²
Display Language English


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