Heavy Duty Lobby Dust Pan Set

Introducing the Heavy Duty Lobby Dust Pan Set, featuring a new hi-profile industrial plastic dustpan with a self-closing lid for dust retention and 2 castors for easy movement. Robust design, tough on dirt, with a 30cm pan width.

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Meet the Heavy Duty Lobby Dust Pan Set, a must-have for efficient and hassle-free cleaning. This new design boasts a hi-profile industrial plastic dustpan, now equipped with a self-closing lid to securely retain dust while moving from place to place. Enhanced with 2 castors on the back, this dustpan ensures smooth and effortless mobility. Built with a robust design, it is exceptionally tough on dirt, making it perfect for rigorous cleaning tasks. The 30cm pan width offers ample space for collecting debris, making your cleaning routine quicker and more effective. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, this dust pan set combines durability, convenience, and superior performance.
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