Get Virus Protection With Virus Shield Mask

Coronavirus came like a global earthquake, and no one knows when the world will stop quaking. The seismic wave of this pandemic has shaken up our lives in too many ways to count. COVID-19, the most recent strain of coronavirus we’re contending with, has caused numerous illnesses, and unfortunately deaths, worldwide.

We are all taking measures to stay safe and flatten the curve; from washing our hands to full on social isolation, these methods have been deemed effective with a resounding consensus.

However, one safety measure has become a point of controversy and contention: the face mask. Differing and flip-flopping views of these have resulted in confusion and skepticism.

The Virus Shield snood mask is the answer to all the confusion. This mask offers you complete protection against the virus threat.

What Is The Virus Shield Face Mask?

This new face mask has been created in response to the recent pandemic outbreak across the world. The product offers complete protection against several viruses including coronavirus and the common cold.

Virus Shield face masks are made out of light and breathable fabric which you can wash and reuse after wearing for up to 150 hours.

  • • It has been scientifically tested
  • • Washable and reusable
  • • Protection against 96% of airborne diseases
  • • Natural fabric for breathability
  • • Designed for comfort
  • • Easy fit for all ages
  • • 360 degree protection

Unlike other face masks it doesn’t cause discomfort when worn for long hours at a stretch. It fits all types of faces and suitable for kids, too. Virus Shield has been designed to mould to the wearers face, making it suitable for men and women, young and old.

While its single layer of cloth offers unrivalled virus protection. The mask covers the three virus entrance points such as the nose, mouth and ears. It is particularly useful for those who believe they may have the coronavirus.

Virus Shield Mask- The Science Behind Its Manufacture

Influenza infects its host by binding to receptors in the upper respiratory tract. Once there, it can cause coughs, fever, breathing difficulties and, in severe cases, organ failure.

Each virus is wrapped in a protein “envelope”. Virus Shield’s innovative fabric coating disrupts this protective membrane, killing the virus.

Virus Shield’s cationic properties mean it works on a virus even though it is 400 times smaller than a human hair and easily small enough to pass through material. The surface of the material is very adhesive to viruses and the material itself can inactivate the virus once bound.

The coating is made of protein compounds similar to those found on the human’s upper respiratory tract. When a virus enters a human body, its spiked structure bonds with this protein layer present in the respiratory tract and that’s where it starts to invade other cells.

These anti viral face masks Ireland has been prepared by keeping this process in mind. So, when a virus comes in contact with this scarf, the same chemical reaction takes place but due to unavailability of any cells to invade, the virus immediately dies.

This is why touching it while you are wearing it cannot contaminate your hands and prevents transmission of the virus. . This Virus Shield face masks continue to protect even for upto ten washes.

The Virus Shield- Wearability

To ensure you get full coverage from the virus shield, you must wear the mask properly. Pull it over the head and drop it down till it covers your nose, mouth and ears.

However, if it feels loose, you can adjust it with hairpins and hair bobbles. Here’s the best way to wear the snood mask properly:

  • • Place the shield on a clean surface to its full size
  • • Fold it inside so it’s doubled up
  • • Pull it over the head with the fold towards the bottom
  • • Cover mouth, nose and ears
  • • If loose, tighten up with pins and clips

The Virus Shield-After Care

Don’t use any detergent or fabric freshener to wash the shield. Don’t use any kind of hand wash. Just wash it under running water. Don’t tumble dry. Just leave it under the air to dry. No need of any machine wash.

Wear the virus mask when stepping out to secure yourself from the threats of coronavirus.

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