Dulevo 75

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If you have a problem of dust, Dulevo 75 industrial sweeper is more than a solution.
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If you have a problem of dust, Dulevo 75 industrial sweeper is more than a solution. It's an extraordinary opportunity. This compact rider industrial sweeper is the only machine that can cope with heavy sweeping conditions in narrow areas Heavy duty rider industrial sweeper designed to work in very dusty environment. Able to pick up from fine dust to large gravel is the ideal sweeper for heavy industrial applications. Is also ideal to be used also in every public or logistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking etc. The industrial sweeper Dulevo 75 features all an industrial sweeper needs to be productive: Large hopper, high power, outstanding sweeping result and very performing suction system. The action of the brooms throws the dust and the debris into a large capacity hopper. The dust is controlled and aspirated by a powerful turbine that blows clean air through a high performance filter. The dust filter is made of a special filtering fabric that ensures zero dust emission into the environment and releases only clean air. Technical Data Battery Amber Engine Petrol Honda Engine Sweeping width - With Central Brush Mm 700 700 - With R & L brushes Mm 1200 1200 Diameter of side brush Mm 420 420 Diameter of main brush Mm 240 240 Working Capacity m2 /h 7200 7200 Max Speed Km/h 6 6 Waste Hopper L 85 85 Filtration PM10 % 99 99 Length Mm 330 395 Width Mm 1430 1430 Weight kg 1335 1335
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