Comac CS500 BT

The Comac CS500BT is a versatile, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper with traction, designed for efficient cleaning of both indoor and outdoor spaces up to 2600 sq.m. Its compact and robust design includes a 50-liter debris hopper, user-friendly controls, adjustable handlebars, and tool-free maintenance. Equipped with a powerful filtration system and optional HEPA filter, it ensures superior dust control. Features like its Ingition and Safety Key, and Side Bumper Rollers enhance its safety and operational efficiency.


Sweeping Width

Up to 650 mm

Max. Performance

2600 m²/h

Waste Capacity

50 L

Power Source


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Comac CS500BT

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The Comac CS500BT is an advanced walk-behind sweeping machine designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance in various environments. Ideal for areas up to 2600 sq.m, such as garages, warehouses, car parks, and pavements, this battery-powered sweeper comes with traction for easy maneuverability. The CS500BT features a robust high-density polyethylene body that protects internal components from damage, ensuring durability and longevity.


Key features include a 50 litre debris hopper that is easy to remove and empty, and a versatile central brush that can be adjusted without tools to suit different floor types. The machine also offers a mixed steel brush for rough surfaces, a brush with natural fibers for fine dust and glossy surfaces, and a PPL brush for industrial floors.


The CS500BT prioritizes user comfort and efficiency with adjustable handlebars, a manual filter shaker, and optional electric filter shaker for optimal filter cleaning. The machine is equipped with a vacuum bypass to handle damp surfaces and an optional HEPA filter that provides 99.9% filtration efficiency, capturing particles as small as 0.3 µm.


For enhanced safety and convenience, the CS500BT comes as standard with an Ignition and Safety Key, and Side Bumper Rollers. Additionally, the optional lithium-ion batteries offer fast charging, extended run time, and improved energy efficiency, making the CS500BT a reliable choice for maintaining clean and safe environments.


With its compact size, practical design, and advanced technological features, the Comac CS500BT is a powerful solution for various cleaning needs, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal operating costs​.


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Specification Measurement
Productivity 2600 m²/h
Debris Hopper Capacity 50 L
Working Width 650 mm
Central Brush Width 500 mm
Side Brush Width 380 mm
Filter Format Panel
Filter Material Paper
Filtering Surface 3.3 m²
Drainage Manual
Traction Automatic
Power Supply Battery (12 V)
Run Time Up to 2 Hours
Weight 79 kg
Dimensions (mm) 1265 x 900 x 660
Manufacturer Comac
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