Clenli Direct Lemon Floor Gel 5L

Clenli Direct Lemon Floor Gel 5L is a concentrated lemon floor gel cleaner polish, with a fresh clean fragrance which is readily burnished to give a slip resistant shine. Economic maintenance product for polished floors. Contains a blend of surfactants, natural soaps, pine oils, emulsifiers, coupling agents, preservative, dyes and fragrance.

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Economical dilution rates. Will not dull or remove polish at recommended dilution rates. Burnished to give slip resistant shine. Removes oil, grease, grime and heel marks with ease. Suitable for damp mopping and spray cleaning techniques. Conditions and cleans floors, tiles, paintwork and most hard surfaces. Surfactants used are biodegradable and phosphate free.


Floors should be swept before cleaning.



Create a solution at a concentration 1:100. Mop floor with this mixture and allow to dry. Machine buff using a rotary machine to give a gloss film.



Create a solution at a concentration 1:100. Spray this mixture onto the floor (1-2 square meters at a time) and machine buff. Only use pads which are recommended for buffing. Never use pads which have been used to buff spirit waxes. Not suitable for use on unsealed wood and cork flooring.


Store in original container and protect from extremes of temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight nor allow the product to freeze. Shelf life (in unopened original container) is a minimum of 18 months.



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Specification Measurement
Appearance (20C) Clear, Bright Yellow Gel
pH Level 9 (+/-0.5)
Odour Strong Citrus Fragrence
Flammability Non Flammable
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