Clenli Direct Destain Powder 10KG

Clenli Direct Destain Powder 10KG is a white granular free flowing destain powder. This product removes tannin & coffee deposits, yet leaves no after taste when rinsed. Based on an environmentally friendly oxygen releasing agent with low temperature accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, sequestering agents, wetting agents and emulsifiers.

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Removes tannin and coffee residues from tea and coffee urns, plastic ware, vending machines, coffee making machines and crockery. Non-tainting formulation. Kills odour producing bacteria making it suitable for use as a deodoriser. Does not deglaze plastics. Removes grease and grime from surfaces. Surfactants used are biodegradable and phosphate free. Effective in all water conditions.



Dilute 20-50 grams per 1 Litre of water (i.e. a dilution rate of 1:50 – 1:20). Use hot water between 49-60ºC. Steep equipment in solution for 10-15 minutes. Always rinse thoroughly after destaining. Use regularly and systematically. Note: May dull polished aluminium.



Store in original container and protect from extremes of temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight nor allow the product to freeze. Shelf life (in unopened original container) is a minimum of 18 months. Replace lid after use.



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Specification Measurement
Appearance (20ºC) White Powder
pH Level 12.5
Odour No Appreciable Odour
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